Real Madrid vs. Valencia – Game Report – February 14, 2021

Real Madrid vs.  Valencia - Game Report - February 14, 2021

Real Madrid finds authority in its football, driven by Karim Benzema, an absolute benchmark in offensive play against a harmless Valencia, Zinedine Zidane’s team responding to the triumph of the leader Atlético de Madrid with its third consecutive victory in a week that establishes convictions.

After the storm, calm always comes and Real Madrid begins to get used to games in which it has lowered the level of suffering. He even enjoys it at times. Valencia was sentenced to rest, with the same symptoms as Getafe four days ago. Fangless rivals, like anesthetized. It is not by chance, some merit will have the team of Zinedine Zidane, which links a winning streak surviving an endless injury streak.

The first minute of the game was not fulfilled when the worst was feared. Among so much bad news, Benzema fell into the rival area due to an involuntary stomp by Thierry. Without looking, in his fall he took the heel of the French forward. The player on whom the Real Madrid goal depends. A loss for which he would have no solutions at his height. Zidane’s face of suffering at the limp, which lasted minutes, spoke for itself.

Under an overwhelming dominance against a Valencia without solutions, with the authority that Toni Kroos radiates in command and spaces of freedom for Luka Modric’s imagination to fly, Benzema’s recovery unbalanced the match after twelve minutes. He was listed on the edge of the area, with the goal in his mind, without a rival to stand on him. His right hand to the far post with an impossible drawing for Jaume, who had left a strange gesture shortly before to take a centered shot from Casemiro with his foot to corner.

The effectiveness that Real Madrid missed for a good part of the season, the one they have longed for since Cristiano Ronaldo left the team a goal orphan, Benzema is in charge of resuscitating it. In a state of grace. Install calm in a block that is recovering self-esteem despite the continuous punishment of injuries.

The return of Dani Carvajal brought light to a defense of circumstances, it allowed Zidane to renounce the system of three centrals to return to his classic line of four. It lasted 25 minutes. The worst season of his career has no end with a new relapse. Again Lucas Vázquez as an emergency solution.

The emotional blow did not affect the dynamics of the party. The anger of Javi Gracia from the box where he suffered from the bad image of his team due to his sanction, was increasing due to the lack of defensive involvement of Guedes and Manu Vallejo. It would take a toll on them at halftime. Real Madrid played at pleasure, Modric looked for Benzema’s spur in a great tactical resource and the Frenchman headed up a Lucas cross.

Everything went through Karim until Kroos appeared with one of those impeccable hits to the net, caressing the ball after an action by Lucas rushing to the bottom line and putting the pass back. It was a punishment before the break for the lack of Valencian tension. He tried to recover it at the restart, after the technician’s anger in the booth and two changes with touch-ups to a system that was shipwrecked.

At times the feeling of a friendly match disappeared. In seconds, a kick from Thierry to a missing Vinicius, the high pressure of Valencia. They were details that showed that he did not give up, but he lacked the goal to believe it. Courtois avoided it in a virtue so complex for a goalkeeper. Stuck in a meeting in which he is not demanded and forced to react when they come to him in danger. He flew to Maxi’s shoe and took it out with a changed hand.

Real Madrid did not mind delaying their position a few meters, comfortable on the counterattack with the speed of Marco Asensio, who missed the definition. In the race he signed the third, with Mendy’s physical display and a goal with the right, annulled from the VAR for an illegal position. The game was leaden and Zidane pulled from the quarry with Arribas, a different player from Castilla and with a future. Again ahead of Isco. Benzema was looking for his double, heeled, and Jaume avoided it in two halves before responding firmly to Arribas’ left-footed shot in the game’s epilogue.

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