The day Lewis Hamilton complained about Sebastian Vettel’s dominance

Lewis Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton is one of the great dominators of the Formula 1 of the last few years. The Briton took six of the last seven titles in the category. This caused fans to criticize the leaders harshly due to the huge difference between the car Mercedes and the rest of the teams. However, in the last few hours an interview a few years ago in which Hamilton himself criticized the ‘dominance’ of Sebastian Vettel.

In 2013 the great dominator of Formula 1 was Sebastian Vettel. The German had the best car in the category and won four consecutive World titles alongside Red bull. However, in those years Formula 1 had a wide variety of competitors at the head of the grid. The energy drink brand was able to overcome a Ferrari who had to Fernando Alonso and to Mercedes, which did not have the current great performance, but had Hamilton in the car.

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Vettel’s domain

In the last hours an interview with the British newspaper ‘The Telegraph’ went viral in which Hamilton strongly complained about Vettel’s dominance in Formula 1. “Personally I think of the fans, because I remember the period in which Michael Schumacher he won ”, criticized the now seven-time champion of the category. Hamilton was fighting for the championship, although Vettel won most of the races that year, setting several records and taking the fourth championship.

Also, after comparing Vettel’s time with that of Schumacher and Ferrari, Hamilton recalled dominance. “I remember getting up in the morning to watch the start of the race and then I would go to sleep. Later I would get up when I was done. I already knew what was going to happen. I’m pretty sure a lot of people did that this Sunday (that day was the 2013 Korean Grand Prix).

Since Hamilton has been at Mercedes, the German brand has won all the constructors’ titles and Hamilton with all, except in 2016, when Nico Rosberg he won the Championship and retired. Fighting against Hamilton was a huge drain on him. Also, his relationship with the British idol was not the best. Now Hamilton broke all the records set by Sebastian Vettel, at the time he was ‘bored’.

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