What will you say now? The words of Michael Chiesa before the clash between Usman and Burns

What will you say now?  The words of Michael Chiesa before the clash between Usman and Burns

The experienced and renowned fighter of UFC, Michael chiesa, left some interesting words in these hours. Before the title crossover between Usman Y Burns, the aforementioned had given his forecast. Now, after the Nigerian once again defended the Welterweight title, it doesn’t hurt to bring out what he had said. Therefore, it is expected that a new prediction of what is coming.

That way, Chiesa He began by saying, “I’ll tell you what, Gilbert Burns and I would be a great fight. That guy next to Colby, those would be my two most difficult matches that I feel. Burns has such good jiu-jitsu, it’s crazy. If you watch their jujitsu matches, it’s violent. And wherever a fight goes, he’s just violent, fast, hits hard, very well trained because if you get paired with someone from Sanford MMA, a tough fight awaits you. “

The King still stands: Kamaru Usman knocked out Gilbert Burns at UFC 258 and made history

When it comes to this confrontation, Kamaru usman against Gilbert Burns , I feel like you never see these teammate vs teammate fights and I still have it billed like that. Usman went on to train in Denver under Trevor Wittman, but Gilbert is so dynamic. He can knock you out, he can subdue you. It is a true double threat. It really can do it all, “he emphasized.

I didn’t trust the champion

At the same time, Michael he told: «With UsmanHe’s solid, can shoot, and has championship-level experience. He’s been a very dominant welterweight champion and I feel like if he can get this win over Burns it could put him on top as possibly one of the best welterweight champs we’ve ever seen. The only thing Burns has done, and he did in his last fight with Tyron Woodley, is that he has shown he can keep up for five rounds. “

“In the past, and it could have been the cut to 155 pounds, he was able to keep up a good pace, but there were some fights that faded. That’s no longer the case now that he’s at welterweight. The boy is an animal. The boy can push at a hard pace. I think it will lead to Usman to its limit and that is difficult to choose. My predilection leans towards Gilbert BurnsBut I’ll be watching May the best win. It will be a fun fight for us », he closed Michael chiesa.

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