Deluxe! Kamaru Usman challenged two UFC stars for his next match

Deluxe!  Kamaru Usman challenged two UFC stars for his next match

Kamaru usman had another awesome night this Saturday at the UFC 258 from Las Vegas, but wants so much more. The Nigerian champion defended his for the fourth time. After knocking out Gilbert Burns in one of the biggest events of the year, he spoke with the press and made it clear who he wants to have his next battle with. Therefore, there is now two stars that are on the table, being MMA stars.

That way, Usman He initially stated, “I said to put some respect on my behalf for a reason. We tried to do that fight twice before. He said no. When Khabib Nurmagomedov and I think it was Tony Ferguson they fought, we tried. I called Dana White and said ‘hey it’s a two weeks notice, I haven’t really been training but I’ll step in if you need me’ and they tried to make that fight but Masvidal he said no”.

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“I ate like a pig the night before because I said I had no fight. I weigh 195 pounds when I step on the scale. I called the coach, Tony Cabello, I said ‘hey Tony, we have to exercise.’ I worked out like crazy that night, lost about five or six pounds, then got on the scale and said we were close. The next day, I flew back to Las Vegas and then to Abu Dhabi. I didn’t sleep at all to prepare for that fight and he had a built-in excuse, “he said.

What’s more, Kamaru He also said, “This time I’ll stop him. I promise. That’s why I was disappointed in myself in the last fight because I know I can stop it, but with all the circumstances that happened, I just went out there and mastered it from start to finish. This time I’ll stop him if he wants to step up. He doesn’t want that fight. I guarantee you he doesn’t want that fight. I wouldn’t say if I didn’t want it.

The surprise

After stating that he wants revenge with Jorge Masvidal, Kamaru usman He gave another name: «I said what I wanted to do and that is what I am going to do. Let’s see if it materializes. Of course I would like to fight him. I don’t want Georges for money or anything like that. I am a competitor. I want Georges because Georges was at the top. Georges can still do it. I see how you are training. Georges St-Pierre, I’m watching you”.

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