He tired! Kamaru Usman calls for more respect for his name at UFC

He tired!  Kamaru Usman calls for more respect for his name at UFC

Kamaru usman made history on Saturday in UFCBut that’s not all for him and he wants a lot more in his career. After being criticized for his moment as a mixed martial artist, the Nigerian exploded in anger and nothing was saved. There, the King of Welterweight asked more respect by name in the leading Mixed Martial Arts company in the world. Will they give it to you? After UFC258, surely.

At one point in the interview, a journalist asked him who is not respecting him in the present, to which Usman he responded forcefully. In this way, he began by saying the following: “Everyone. Critics, the media, everyone. Not that I really give a shit, but I give a little more. I am an artist and I am sensitive to my present. So respect my name.

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That pound-for-pound list is not a popularity contest, you know. I haven’t really lost rounds here, I control what happens inside the cage. Just because I’m not the loudest guy in the room, I’m not the most boastful, I don’t get in trouble outside the cage, I’m not in the headlines all the time. Let’s be honest, they disrespect me in a way. That pound-for-pound list is not a popularity contest. I need to advance on that list, “he added.

Not afraid of anyone

At the same time, Kamaru He dictated, “I take it one fight at a time. I’m not really worried about it. I don’t go in saying, ‘Oh, I want a great fight! I want this, I want that! ‘ Of course, I would like Georges. But I don’t want Georges for money or anything like that. Like I said, I am a competitor. I love Georges because Georges went upstairs. Georges can still do it. I see him training. Georges! I’m watching you! I see you training! Georges can still do it. ‘

So if there is potential for that great fight and Georges wants to come back, then of course Georges can cut the line, absolutely. But I’m not necessarily worried about a big money fight. Right now, I’m just worried about the next guy, and that’s what I do. I hit the next guy and I hit the next, then you guys look back and say, ‘Damn it! He has beaten everyone! That is what I am focused on », he closed Kamaru usman.

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