Independiente starts a new renewal stage with Falcioni

Independiente starts a new renewal stage with Falcioni

Difficult moments lived Independiente in the last days of 2020 and in the beginning of 2021. Leadership problems, back and forth with former coach Lucas Pusineri and with manager Jorge Burruchaga, a team that was losing its hierarchy in the last time …

For a moment, at the end of 2020, things seemed to be heading, with the team fighting to get into the semifinals of the South American Cup and also looking forward to the local tournament.

But the hard fall in the continental tournament against Garnet and the doubts that began to be generated in the Maradona Cup were too much for a Pusineri questioned and with little consensus.

The former DT was confirmed, but a few days later he had to leave due to differences with the leadership. A messy situation, which also affected Burruchaga: he also resigned as sports director.

Thus, the renovation stage of the Avellaneda complex began, which surprisingly leaned towards Julio César Falcioni as coach, assuming his second cycle at the helm of Rojo.

In this adventure he is being accompanied by a well-loved historical within the institution, none other than Pedro Fabián Monzón as a field assistant.

Perhaps faced with the “black palate” of the Independent fan, the arrival of the new DT is more related to the need to rebuild a team from the ground up, and that in recent times suffered a lot in the background.

If something stands out for the Emperor, it is the idea of ​​putting the teams together from back to front, teams that don’t have a lot of football brilliance but are tough on defense.

Juan Manuel Insaurralde arrived to strengthen that sector of the playing field, and Alexander Barboza left, who could never assert himself.

But big hires are not expected, taking into account that the club’s economic status is far from ideal.

Thus, with an eye on the local tournament and the South American Cup, but thinking of gradually accommodating himself on and off the field, the 2021 season will start for Independiente.

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