“Josh Warrington shouldn’t have made plans for the future,” says Mauricio Lara

Mauricio Lara y Josh Warrington

After defeating English with a resounding knockout Josh warrington, the Mexican Mauricio Lara He assured that the Englishman should not have thought about the future instead of concentrating on his fight with him.

“The reason I looked so good is because of the support of my family,” he commented. Lara. “I believe that Warrington he must have known this would not be an easy fight. He shouldn’t have been making plans for future fights. I’m too happy for the moment. “

Lara 22, knocked down the Englishman in the fourth episode, so Warrington failed to recover for the rest of the fight. It was in the ninth round when Mauricio put his opponent in poor condition and a left hand sent him practically unconscious to the canvas.

“We just had to be patient. He was a great champion, that’s why he kept fighting until the end and showing a big heart, “he acknowledged. Mauricio. “I didn’t want to get too tired and advanced little by little, round by round, until finally that blow came in the ninth.”

Lara Finally, he was grateful for the confidence of his team and the surprise performance to beat what was considered one of the best featherweights in the world.

“We were very confident in what we could do,” he admitted. “We are very happy with the result. We know about my ability and that was seen during the fight. I am extremely happy with what we achieved ”.

Champion without crown

Until January 2021, Warrington had in possession the feather belt of the FIB; However, he gave up the scepter, since he refused to carry out the mandatory fight before Kid galahad.

“I’m looking forward to going home and seeing my wife and daughter,” he mentioned. Mauricio. “I want to spend time with them. It makes me a little sad that I can’t take the belt home. At least the Mexicans know they have a new number one, coming home with the victory. I’ll have a great pizza. “

Despite the surprising defeat, Warrington He recognized the effort of the Mexican fighter and showed confidence to return to the ring soon, after ending with a broken jaw, a perforated eardrum and an injured shoulder.

“Many congratulations to Lara, that friend does hit. The warrior is going to return ”.

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