Sad news: tallest fighter in UFC history retired “forever”

Sad news: tallest fighter in UFC history retired "forever"

After almost sixteen years of career, the tallest fighter in history of UFC hung up his gloves. Is about Stefan struve, 2.10 meters high. The aforementioned, after several problems that complicated his personal situation, the mixed martial arts giant made the decision to end his link with the sport «forever«. Therefore, he left an extensive statement on his personal Twitter account.

In that sense, Struve she dictated, “I was able to take my space and time the last few months to overthink this, so this time it really is for the better. I have had an inner ear problem that I have been struggling with since May of last year. I caught a viral infection that has damaged my vestibular system and the auditory nerve in my right ear. After retesting recently, we learned that the vestibular system is not working properly. ‘

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“Because of this I have also been dealing with vertigo problems, and also hearing loss and tinnitus, a ringing in my ear. I was doing fine, although I was still experiencing some vertigo and other minor issues. Unfortunately, during my most recent fight, some of the problems returned after taking a hit to the right ear, it was a blow that normally shouldn’t be a problem, “he said.

A shocking message

Likewise, Stefan He added: “After that fight I had more problems again and the doctors scheduled new tests. Those, unfortunately for me, took a long time to happen due to the closure here in the Netherlands. After these tests, I was told that the ear damage and vestibular problems caused by the viral infection I had been dealing with are probably permanent. I don’t have big problems when I’m just doing my everyday things.

“The extreme intensity that I have put my body into in training ground to prepare for the fights I can no longer do. At this juncture, I realize that it is time to hang up my gloves for good, and I put my health and my family first. I had a long career and battled multiple injuries, including a broken jaw and my heart condition. In my opinion, going ahead and training hard without listening to my body would be a real problem, “he closed Stefan struve.

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