Deontay Wilder mentions his three scariest knockouts and includes Tyson Fury

Deontay Wilder menciona sus tres nocauts más espeluznantes e incluye a Tyson Fury

Deontay Wilder mentioned the three most brutal knockouts he’s dealt in his career, and he mentioned Tyson fury whom he dropped in the last round of his first fight in December 2018.

Wilder has always maintained that the referee gave a long account to Fury when he went to the canvas, and that allowed him to get up and take the fight to the decision, which resulted in a draw.

“The most brutal knockouts? There are many, ”he said Deontay Wilder in interview with Marcus watson in Instagram. “I’m going to tell you the ones that come to mind.”

1. Bermane Stiverne II

And the first of the knockouts that Deontay Wilder was mentioned was the one that applied to Bermane stiverne in the second fight between the two.

“In the second fight with Bermane stiverne“, He mentioned Wilder. “I was transformed, I had a strange experience. It was very crazy. “

That was a creepy knockout. Deontay Wilder in its most violent and terrifying state. Shot down Stiverne three times in the same first round until he is lying on the ropes. Even the referee ends up almost flying when trying to contain Wilder.

2. Artur Szpilka

The second creepiest knockout he mentioned Wilder was the one that applied to Artur Szpilka on January 16, 2016,

Artur SzpilkaWilder recalled. “Szpilka it was another ”.

3. Tyson Fury I

And inside all the resentment you have Deontay Wilder against Tyson fury, the American included that last round knockdown in the first fight against Fury.

Wilder maintains that the referee counted very slowly and that allowed Fury get up and reach the decision that resulted in a draw. But for him, it’s a knockout.

“And the round 12 knockout against Fury“He recalled Wilder. “Because I definitely knocked him out, I won easy. I knocked him out but the referee gave him more time because he felt that it was the right thing to do for the type of fight it was. It was a fight that had generated a lot of expectation, it had everything at risk, and sometimes the referees turn to their personality, and feel that they have to do what they say is the best for the sport, instead of doing what is in the field. rules”.

Deontay Wilder has accused the referee Jack reiss having given a long account to Fury.

“I definitely knocked him out,” he recalls. Wilder. “The referee was Jack reiss And if you see other of his fights, stop a lot of the fights early. Sometimes he doesn’t even let them get up and stop the fight. “

Y Wilder describes what he perceived in that fall of Tyson fury.

“When I knocked out FuryI literally saw him slip out of his being, ”he said Wilder. “That was one of the reasons I was so surprised. Not only because of the count, but because I saw his eyes roll white, that’s how it was. I saw the veins popping in his head, and I knew that. he was having a concussion. He was gone, (the referee) had to have stopped the fight. Point”.

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