Julio César Chávez and his role to reconcile Marco Antonio Barrera and the Terrible Morales

La rivalidad entre Marco Antonio Barrera y Erik Terrible Morales terminó gracias a la intervención de Julio César Chávez

In the early 2000s, the entire boxing world turned to see the fierce rivalry between Marco Antonio Barrera Y Erik ‘Terrible’ Morales, who starred in three great fights and could hardly be seen even in paint, until he arrived Julio Cesar Chavez to reconcile them.

In a talk at Facebook for WBC Talks, the Terrible Y Barrier they spoke of the beginning of their rivalry. Erik made it clear that Frame He did not know how to play soccer and because he was very ‘filthy’ they began to fight in a soccer match that was held at the Otomí Ceremonial Center when both were in preparation.

“We did not finish the soccer game because we went out to fight, members of each team grabbed us and each one went to his cabin,” he explained Morales. “But it was the best thing that could have happened to us, thanks to that rivalry we had a lot of work, especially in the United States, we opened the scene for many television stations there to realize that there was a lot of talent in Mexico.”

The enmity was such that in the three fights they had they beat each other from bell to bell, and even their press conferences ended with blows. They said everything in interviews.

Julio César Chávez ended the rivalry

This feud lasted several years after both had already retired from boxing. However, the great Mexican champion, Julio Cesar Chavez, it was one of what he wove fine, so that Barrier Y Morales they will reconcile.

It took about 14 years for these Mexican boxers to smooth things over and put the rivalry they had up and down the ring aside.

“It was going to be my daughter’s party, Nicole, and I wanted to invite both of them, but without making them look bad ”, he recalled Chavez in interview for ESPN. “Days before the party I was able to meet them, they did not want to, but the three of us met, I asked them if they had something to say to each other, but that after many years it was time for the problems to end. They are both great fighters and it was unfair that they did not greet each other. With me the enmity ended and love was born ”.

The ‘Terrible’ Morales host Marco Barrera

After what Chavez laid the foundation for this new friendship, later Frame Y Erik They were able to live more alongside their wives, when the former was visiting Tijuana, land of the Terrible.

“When we started talking to each other he wrote to me and told me that if I was going to go to Tijuana and I said yes, then he was the host, he took us to several of the best restaurants there, we hung out with the ladies, and the best of it is that the host, the one who was your enemy, take you to the best places ”, he declared Barrier in interview with Los Angeles Times.

The same way, Frame He pointed out that now they are suddenly writing for Christmas or the birthday of one of them, and that they are doing well in this new stage of friendship between both former boxers.

Julio César Chávez and his role to reconcile Marco Antonio Barrera and the Terrible Morales 11

From public enemies to gossiping together

After ironing out rough edges, both fighters saw each other again but now on the show Aztec TV called The Hormiguero in 2015. That time they were invited to talk about the fight of Floyd mayweather jr in view of Manny pacquiao.

That was perhaps the first public appearance of both in which there was already cordiality, and treatment of friends. The reconciliation had already taken place, and now the two had become friends.

The two were fun participating in the games and dynamics of the program.

Both former boxers have worked as analysts in ESPN, Aztec tv Y Fox Sports, and there it seems that the friendship has been strengthened.

This could also be verified in 2019 when they were guests on the radio program ‘The Tweety Show’, where they were guests on the February 21 broadcast, and when you see the video, one observes that they had a great time making jokes and remembering their past.

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