The day that Ronaldinho predicted that ‘he would win a game alone’ with PSG, before going to Barcelona

The day that Ronaldinho predicted that 'he would win a game alone' with PSG, before going to Barcelona

The Brazilian “Magician” took a while to fulfill the prophecy, but in the second half, his former partner Paulo César saw that it was not a good idea to doubt his colleague

Ronaldinho Gaucho adds to the stories between Barcelona and Paris Saint-Germain, who meet for the knockout stages of the Champions League. Months before moving to the Spanish club, The Brazilian star played one of his most brilliant games with the French team.

In March 2003, jersey 10 ended with a classic valid for Day 30 of the French Championship against the Olympique de Marseille in the Vélodrome stadium, where the team from the French capital had not won since 1988.

Contrary to today’s multi-million dollar investment, PSG lived in a time of scarcity. The atmosphere prior to the duel was very tense because the capital’s club had beaten their rival in the first round of Ligue 1 3-0.

The Marseille team was ready to return the defeat and created a climate of war with more than 55,000 angry fans. However, none of this seemed to affect the Brazilian.

“There was a lot of talk during the week. Upon arriving at the stadium, I remember that Ronaldinho said before we got off the bus:” Today I win the game alone. “He also joked:” So you can even stay on the bus (laughs). He told me: “You’re going to see,” Paulo César, a former PSG player, told

The “Wizard” took a while to fulfill the prophecy. In minute 27, Leroy opened the scoring for PSG with a shot that caught goalkeeper Vedran Runje completely off guard.

In the second half, the jersey 10 finally decided to appear in the game.

Paulo César saw that it was not a good idea to doubt his partner …

“He destroyed the game, and we won 3-0 with a Ronaldinho show. He did things we didn’t think of. His marker was Franck Leboeuf [campeón del mundo de Francia en el 98], which went to pass through the middle of the field and failed. He ran after Ronaldinho all over the field until the goal (laughs), “he recalled.

At 43 ‘of Q2, Ronaldinho was involved in the third goal after a beautiful counterattack from the right.

“In another goal, he won in the race, he dribbled the goalkeeper and even waited for the opponent to give him a car to try to take the ball before kicking [Leroy completó para las redes sobre la línea]. These plays marked a lot in France for being a classic. It was a great game, “said Paulo César.

In the images of the match after the victory, Ronaldinho is still hugged on the grass by the Argentine defender Mauricio Pochettino, current technician of PSG.

At the end of the 2002/2003 season, the Brazilian came close to moving to Manchester United, but was hired by the Barcelona and changed the history of world football.

“I saw when Barcelona came for him for a long time. He left [el técnico] Luis Fernández and another coach arrived, who had a conversation with Ronaldinho, but we already knew that he was going to leave because there was no way to hold him, “said Paulo.

In Catalonia, the Brazilian was twice elected the best player in the world, won several titles, including LaLiga and the Champions League, as well as being a mentor to the young Lionel Messi.

“At PSG, Ronaldinho was not as efficient as at Barcelona even though he played important games, but it was more of a football show, a show! Everyone when they saw him play they already imagined a beautiful play or dribble. Efficiency and show together to become the best player in the world “, he concluded.

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