Tremendous confession of Valentino Rossi’s mother: «I suffered for Marc Márquez»

Valentino Rossi.

Some days ago, Valentino rossi aimed against Marc Márquez for the famous ‘kick’ he gave him at the 2015 Malaysian Grand Prix. In his words, Valentino would never forgive that event to Márquez, it is clear that the relationship between the two is null. However, this Monday one of the people who knows Rossi best, his mother, spoke. Stefania Palma He was surprised to ensure that it hurt him to see Márquez off the circuits: «I suffered for Marc Márquez«he confessed.

All fans of MotoGP they were hurt after the way in which Marc Márquez lost the 2020 season. A fall in Jerez, which was not well treated by the doctors, which allowed the Spaniard to climb over the Sling, made the recovery of the multi-champion take longer than necessary.

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Far from reproaching Márquez for something, due to the rivalry with his son, Palma felt sorry for what the Spaniard is suffering. It should be noted that the Honda team began to see some light in the tunnel, and according to a statement, Márquez is progressing favorably with his shoulder injury. What can I say: pilots are, first and foremost, men. I have suffered for Marc, even if he is not my son ”, he assured the media ‘GPOne’.

“I suffered for him when he returned to the track the second time after the operation. It was impressive to see him after only a week on that bike. Falls are part of racing, but what he did after only seven days blew me away. How did (Jorge Lorenzo in Assen, ”added the mother of the nine-time World Motorcycling Champion.


On the other hand, Valentino’s mother assured that despite the fact that her son’s retirement is closer and closer, passion is what most mobilizes his continuity. “At 42, he still knows how to thrill. It is true, we may no longer see him on the highest step of the podium, but he is still there, on the track, fighting a duel with many boys much younger than him, as if he were half his age, “he said.

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