Cafeteros Pro squad confirmed for the American Rugby Super League

Cafeteros Pro squad confirmed for the American Rugby Super League

Cafeteros Pro, the Colombian team that will make its debut in the second season of the American Rugby Super League It already has the team confirmed that it is just taking its first steps in professional rugby.

“There are many expectations we have that the first Colombian professional team to participate in a competition like this one, with the peace of mind that we are going to give the maximum,” said the coach Rodolfo Ambrosio.

“I see Colombian rugby with a great future because they are doing a great job and the grassroots work has grown exponentially. With this, the number of players and that is a very great incentive for this country ”.

Regarding the work that is expected in the coming weeks in preparation for the first date to be played on March 16, Ambrosio added: “We are going to work six days a week at the Castilla court, from Monday to Saturday, for three weeks to treat to get the equipment ready ”.

The Colombian players have been preparing before the arrival of the Head Coach and the Argentine players, who arrived this week. “The change has been significant; We have been training very hard for a month, very strenuous days where the main objective was to get well physically after a year without rugby, ”said Jhon Carlos Álvarez.

“Thank God, we have been improving standards a lot, we are on par with any international player and we hope that the Super League will start soon. For us it is a plus to have the Argentine players and we hope to learn a lot from them. “

Álvarez is one of 17 Antioqueños (they play rugby in Medellín), joined by Oscar Forero from Bogotá, Juan David Herrera from Risaralda, and Freyder Julián Velandia, from Bucaramanga.

On the part of the Argentine players who came to add experience in Cafeteros Pro, motivation is felt. Ramiro Tallone Naddaf is one of several who have passed through Los Pumitas, the Argentine youth team.

“I am very happy to be training with the boys and to see how the team is doing and what we are in the tournament for. I see rugby very well in Colombia, it is growing and we are here to add where we have to contribute to the team “

The campus is made up of: Yani Pérez, Diego Posada, Juan David Herrera, Brayhan Pérez, Esteban Cardona, Jhon Carlos Álvarez, Freyder Julian Velandia, Gerson Ortiz, Diver Jeferson Ceballos, Harold Palacio, Julián Navarro Londoño, Oscar Forero Fandino, Jhojan Ortiz Arango, Andrés Felipe Álvarez , Cristian David Rodallegas, Juan Gabriel Davila Metaute, Alvaro Gamarra Baldovino, Alejandro Navarro, Jhon Arley Urrutia, Maicol Machado Pinzon, all of them, Colombians.

The Argentines who complete this roster of thirty, They are: Nicolás Roger Farias, Javier Alejandro Corvalán, Aníbal Panceyra Garrido, Agustín Acosta Bocco, Lautaro Simes Bulgarelli, Facundo Ferrario, Ramiro Tallone Naddaf, Gonzalo García, Felipe Puertas and Facundo Pueyrredón.

Source: SLAR

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