Could LeBron James have played in the NFL?

LeBron James

Lebron James is one of the biggest stars not just basketball, but world sport. The eaves of Los Angeles Lakers is already a legend of the NBA after getting four league rings and being decisive on every team he plays. Something striking about this player is that his destiny could have been another, since as a child he dreamed of being an American football player and in 2011 he almost left basketball to go to the Cowboys of the NFL.

In an interview with the ‘WRTS: After Party’ program on the ‘Uninterrupted’ platform, the American athlete LeBron James confessed that his sports life could take an unexpected turn in 2011, when the NBA suffered a hiatus while LeBron played in the Miami Heat. It occurred to the basketball player to prepare to play in the NFL and defend the Dallas Cowboys jersey. He also at one point received a Seattle Seahawks jersey.

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The possibility was concrete, ‘The King’ began to train with his mind in the NFL in that break in 2011, looking to recall his old days as a receiver in high school. “To be honest it was. I had no idea how long the break was going to continue, “said LeBron, adding that both he and his coach (Mike Mancias) got” brand new to be a football player in October or November “and that they started” running , to time our times and add more things to our agenda ”.

Mike Mancias himself recommended and proposed the idea of ​​emigrating to Texas, to defend the colors of the Dallas Cowboys and fulfill his dream of the NFL. “Mike kept talking, it would have been great to go to Irvine Texas, everyone wants to go. But I never had the ability to finish my high school career, to play my senior year. I’ve dreamed of playing soccer all the time “

Entrepreneur Maverick Carter revealed that LeBron received a contract from Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones to be part of his team. He himself confessed that he has the contract framed in his office. As a background, another NBA legend, Michael Jordan, left basketball in 1994 to play for the Chicago White Sox of Major League Baseball, then returned from retirement and returned to the NBA the following year.

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