Josh Warrington wants a rematch with the Bronco Lara, and that it be again in England


Josh warrington announced that he wants his revenge with him Bronco lara, and that he would like it to be in England again.

After the brutal knockout he received on Saturday, Warrington has serious intentions to take revenge with Lara. Eddie hearn He spoke on the subject, and was clear with his opinion.

Josh it’s good, I mean, obviously, it was a complete shock, “he said. Hearn to the result of last weekend. “He was a big favorite going into the fight, you can see what could have gone wrong. “

“Weren’t you fans? Was it inactivity? The complacency? Was it just that Lara came out with an incredible performance? ”The manager wondered. “But the reality is, I think you’re going to want to do it again. It is very dangerous, but that is the fire in it.

“Everything that is said at this moment of Josh is that he wants to fight Lara again. Super risky, but in summer I think you’ll see Warrington vs. Lara II. Sí, that one (will be in Leeds), this time we will do it with a crowd, “said the businessman.

Eddie Hearn is in no rush for Josh Warrington and Bronco Lara rematch

Eddie hearn, promoter of Josh warrington, did not rush to secure the rematch against Mauricio Lara, who knocked out in the ninth round Josh in one of the biggest surprises in English boxing.

“You can say that Warrington he was shocked (after the fall of the fourth round) “, he confessed Hearn in interview with iFL TV. “I am sure that Warrington) wants revenge now. But it’s a fight that will happen only if Josh you are healthy, physically well, you are safe. We have an option (of revenge) with Lara and your equipment, and that option depends on Josh. If he wants a rematch, he will make it happen. “

However, the British businessman was cautious in talking about a possible rematch between Lara Y Warrington.

“It’s a great fight, but I don’t think this is the time to talk about it,” said the promoter. “Mauricio Lara he was not a world-class featherweight. He was a fighter with a bit of punch, a young boy. It changed his life, but I would have preferred the other story and maybe we’ll get to that by the end of the year. “

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