Lift vs. Atlético Madrid – Game Report – February 17, 2021

Lift vs.  Atlético Madrid - Game Report - February 17, 2021

(EFE) – The leader Atlético de Madrid saw his career slowed down with a draw at the Ciutat de Valéncia where Levante, crouched first and looser later, knew how to grip the key players of the Madrid team, which he was not able to reflect on the marker the phases of superiority that he had in the meeting.

It was a meeting clearly decided before the break in favor of the Madrid team, which gave way to a somewhat more leveled second half between two teams that bet on very defined approaches between the against the Levantinists and the intensity of the Atlético.

The first half was marked by an absolute territorial dominance of the visiting team against a retracted Levante, which set its expectations on surprising Atlético de Madrid on the counterattack.

During the first half hour, Diego Simeone’s team’s football gave him to recover balls thanks to his suffocating pressure and to play very close to Aitor Fernández’s goal, but it was not accompanied by dangerous approaches, neither before, nor after the goal local.

With the match completely controlled by Atlético de Madrid, a quick counter action through De Frutos ended with a shot from Bardhi that rewarded Levante in the first goal option they had enjoyed.

Atlético de Madrid was hardly affected by the goal, they maintained the same dynamic, which left the locals without the ability to go against it to the point that a shot from Roger from outside the area was the second and last local occasion before the break.

In one of the Madrid team’s arrivals, a distant shot by Llorente brushed against Rober Pier and left the Levantine goalkeeper with no option to stop the ball. The goal encouraged the visiting team, who from that moment until the intermission was able to generate more danger than before the goal with several shots that compromised the local goal, especially one from Llorente himself to whom Aitor replied.

At half-time, the local coach, Paco López, raised Rober Pier to the midfield and gave entry to Duarte with the departure of Radoja, while Diego Simeone took Vrsaljko off the field to put Llorente on the right and put Kondogbia in the medullary midline.

In the second minute of the resumption, Correa did not hit the clearest occasion of the game up to that moment to put his team ahead on the scoreboard, but the main difference with the first half was that Levante had the ability to leave his field that he had not had in the first half, which balanced the match.

The game entered a phase of alternatives, although with more offensive actions by Atlético de Madrid, which penetrated well on the wings and forced the local defense to forcefully cut several dangerous centers.

Clerc for Levante and Llorente for Atlético had goal options in long shots, a reflection of the dynamics of a match in which details began to be increasingly important after the middle of the second period.

From there, chances for both, and the end after which Levante settled in the middle of the table and Atlético increased their lead as leader to six points with a pending match.

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