Luis Suárez: “I plan to continue in the elite and I will decide until when”

Simeone bets on Luis Suárez to return to a European final with Atlético de Madrid

MADRID – Luis Suárez made it clear during an interview with ESPN that he will be the one who decides the moment of his retirement after after his arrival at Atlético de Madrid last summer “some” questioned whether at 34 he still has the level to play in the elite.

The former Barcelona striker has shown that he continues to be a guarantee in front of goal after scoring 16 goals in the 18 La Liga games he has played since his arrival at Atlético de Madrid.

In this way, Suárez is the top scorer in the championship, ahead of Lionel Messi himself, and has emerged as one of the keys for Diego Simeone’s team to also lead the LaLiga classification, with five points more than Real Madrid despite having two less disputed matches.

Suárez lives with a smile his great moment of form and, questioned about his future, explains that he still has a lot to offer in the elite despite being questioned in summer.

“I continue to see myself enjoying the moment that I am living today in the soccer elite, (because) being at Atlético you are still in the soccer elite. Some did not believe that he could continue to be. (I keep seeing myself) continuing with the same desire, I hope to continue this, next year and whatever years it may be, competing to the fullest until one is aware and realizes that it has reached that point. But no one is going to get me out, I’m going to decide, ”Suárez told ESPN during an event organized by Puma.

The Uruguayan believes that his stubbornness has been key to his success, although he admits that even he himself is surprised by the great performance he is giving at Atlético de Madrid.

“I am one of those players who has always characterized myself for being a tough head. In the sense that when I try two, three, four times and it does not come out, I am not one of those players who will lower their head or disappear. I’m going to keep trying because it was my way of being since I was a kid. They criticized me when I was 18 years old and the coaches I had, like Martín Lasarte, answered: “But don’t look at the goals that the 18-year-old kid is making mistakes, who errs 7 or 8, look at the third or fourth he continues to insist. These are things that will make him go far, “said Suárez before admitting:” I did not expect to be at this moment that I am living at Atlético today, but I am enjoying it very much and I am grateful because both the coaching staff and the teammates believe They trust me and that is something that one tries to pay for with goals or whatever ”.

In this sense, Suárez also highlighted the importance of the confidence that Diego Simeone transmitted to him from the first day to adapt to a different football than the one he practiced at Barcelona.

“Obviously each coach has his way of being and his football philosophy. Cholo is a coach, he generates a lot of confidence in the player, he generates him to give more than he can give and that is what he transmits to you. When it comes to setting up the matches, he corrects many things for you. At my age, he continues to correct things and I accept them without any problem because he is the coach for something. One is there to help because a capable person who thinks that with his age he has everything done, but there are tactical details that one has to learn and the coach is there for something, ”argued the new Atlético.

In addition, Suárez believes that the competitiveness of an Argentine coach like Simeone also fits very well with the Uruguayan soccer player’s philosophy.

“The Uruguayan and the Argentine have the intense way of living the games and that does not vary much. What changes you is that there are times when you have a coach who can explain a situation to you, who tells you: “if you hit there between those two defenses, you can generate a scoring chance”. The coach speaks to you like this, but then you have the other coach who tells you: “Click there between those two, that you are going to score the goal and you’re going to score another two or three more.” Those are coaches who motivate you, who excite you and those are messages that come to you and give you a lot, “said the forward to explain the methods of his current coach.

In the same way, Suárez had good words for Héctor Herrera who, after an irregular first season in La Liga, has also gradually managed to gain a foothold in Simeone’s plans.

“Everyone knows the technical conditions and the playing skills that Héctor has. It’s difficult when you come from a different league and you come to a team where you work a lot. It may be that (in the first season) he did not have as many possibilities as he is having this year, but this year he took advantage of the possibilities he had. The coach was very happy with him. He had the misfortune of having the injury and now the COVID, but he is a player who is contributing a lot on a defensive and offensive level to the team. We are very happy with him ”, concluded Luis Suárez.

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