Olympic boxing qualifiers postponed


Playoffs postponed olympic boxing for the next games in Tokyo, for reasons related to the covid-19 pandemic.

These are atypical years for the whole world, and the sports field is not exempt from urgent changes.

The Tokyo 2020 Olympics they had to move their date to 2021, because the coronavirus did not allow the correct development of any discipline. In addition, the risk of transfers and housing thousands of athletes from all over the planet, is great for these times.

As the last knot of this mess, the cancellation of the qualifying stage of those fighters with chances of occupying places in the immediate games was announced today.

This decision is due to the current complications for travel, and the restrictions proposed by the various nations, regarding health issues.

Boxers from all over the world were going to settle 53 places for the Tokyo appointment at a tournament in Paris next June. These will be distributed equally among the continents, according to the ranking based on the results of 2017.

The sports ranking of the Africa and Asia-Oceania regions will also depend on the chart. Fighters from the Americas and Europe will still have to raise their numbers to get their Olympic ticket.

Buenos Aires will host the Americas qualifier from May 10-16. The Europe qualifier will take place in June at a venue to be decided.

It is known that the International Olympic Committee took over the organization of the Tokyo box after taking away the recognition of the International Boxing Association (AIBA) for conflicts in its leadership and financial mismanagement.

The maximum tournament will have eight men’s divisions and five women’s divisions, with the inauguration on July 23.

Sexist comments, presidential resignation and Tokyo Olympic boxing

Yoshiro mori, president of the organizing committee of the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020, announced his resignation today after the controversy over his sexist comments, during a meeting of the organizational leadership.

“My inappropriate statements have caused a lot of chaos,” he admitted. I died, who reiterated his “profound apologies” to the IOC and to society in general.

“I heard someone say that if we increase the number of women on the board we have to regulate speaking time in some way or else we will never end,” said the 83-year-old Japanese during a meeting of the Japan Olympic Committee, when discussing increasing the number of female members from 20% to 40%.

Until now, the Japanese minister for the Olympic and Paralympic Games, Seiko Hashimoto, it seems the great favorite to replace it.

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