Óscar Valdez reveals one of the keys to his fight plan against Berchelt


Oscar Valdez revealed one of the keys in his plan to fight him Scorpion Berchelt, next Saturday, February 20 in Las Vegas.

The MGM Grand will host one of the most anticipated crossovers of super featherweight, between Valdez Y Berchelt. For such a duel, the Nogales-born unveiled one of his established weapons.

“I have prepared myself with a plan A and a plan B,” he explained. Oscar Valdez in virtual press conference. “I know that Berchelt He has the advantage of reach, because he is the highest, but sometimes, he does not use his reach.

And that’s where Oscar Valdez think there may be a weakness in Berchelt.

“Sometimes he likes to go toe-to-toe and fight inside. We are preparing for that ”, said the contender for the 130-pound championship of the World Boxing Council. “We are ready for whatever game you want to play. We sparred with tall teammates, who like to use their reach and fight inside. We are ready for whatever he brings. “

Valdez against Berchelt, with intelligence and strategy

Strategy and coldness will be the foundations on which Oscar Valdez will build your plan to fight him Scorpion Berchelt, according to himself revealed. He assures that he will not go looking for a war just because.

“I’m not pressured, and I’m not going to try to give the fight of the year or the knockout of the year, or something crazy like that,” said the Sonoran. “It’s not like I’m going to look for a war. If a war happens, it will simply be because we are two boxers trying to give everything without backing down and trying to win something. “

In addition, the 30-year-old boxer described part of this coldness and that strategy has been acquired by working with Eddy reynoso.

“Train with Eddy (Reynoso) has made me a more complete boxer, ”said who has a professional record of 28 wins, with 22 before the limit. “This fight against Berchelt it’s going to bring out the best in me, and I think the fans have never seen me at the top of my abilities, and they will see it in this fight. “

Oscar Valdez He has already lived through his wars, and has had to fight with serious injuries. It is said battle-hardened.

“I’ve shown it before that I’ve fought with an injured rib, and I’ve fought with a broken jaw before. That makes me move forward with my way of thinking, “he declared. Valdez. “Losing is never an option for me, and I go on and on. I have already experienced these difficult experiences and I am moving on. So I think my best fight will be against Miguel Berchelt“.

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