The 5 best fights between Mexicans for a super featherweight title

Las 5 mejores peleas entre mexicanos por un título superpluma

The super featherweight division has produced memorable fights between Mexican fighters in contention for world titles. Authentic wars between Mexican roosters, which beyond the winner, were well engraved in the memory of Mexican fans.

And here we present the 5 best fights in history between Mexican super featherweight contesting a world title.

1.- Marco Antonio Barrera vs Erik Morales III (2004)

The last episode of his historic trilogy concluded with Barrier taking away Morales the super feather title of CMB in twelve hard-fought rounds.Barrier won the match by majority decision, with two judges scoring 115-113 and 115-114 for Barrier and the other appreciated a draw at 114. The fight was named ‘Fight of the Year’ in 2004 by the magazine The Ring.

2.- Julio César Chávez vs Mario ‘Azabache’ Martínez (1984)

The fight that paved the way Julio Cesar Chavez as world champion was this against Mario ‘Azabache’ Martínez. Both were given the opportunity to contest the belt once Hector ‘Macho’ Camacho left it vacant. Chavez Y Martinez They provided a destructive choreography throughout eight rounds, where the Sonoran finally defeated his rival Jaliscience until he was stopped by accumulation of punishment.

3.- Francisco ‘Bandido’ Vargas vs Orlando ‘Siri’ Salido (2016)

The ‘Bandit’ Vargas and the ‘Siri’ Exited They beat each other at a frenzied and ferocious pace over twelve rounds on an emotional night. It was the first defense that the Bandit Vargas super featherweight world championship CMB. It was the first world championship fight after the death of Muhammad Ali. Neither danced like a butterfly, but both stung like bees in a result that was declared a draw. It was named for ESPN and the CMB as ‘Fight of the Year’ in 2016.

4.- Miguel ‘Alacrán’ Berchelt vs Francisco ‘Bandido’ Vargas (2017)

Berchelt Y Vargas sold the fight as a wild duel in contention for the super featherweight belt of the CMB that was in the power of Bandit. In fact, it was only in the first five rounds, since from there until the eleventh Scorpion demolished the Bandit, who only remained standing thanks to his ferocity. And so on until he was arrested with his grotesquely disfigured face bathed in blood from the punishment he received from the eventual new world champion. There the Scorpion Berchelt he was crowned absolute champion of the CMB, belt that is still in your possession.

5.- Juan Manuel Márquez vs Marco Antonio Barrera (2007)

Marquez won the super featherweight world title of CMB in view of Barrier to add two divisions as world champion. However, it was a controversial result since Marquez visited the mat in the seventh round upon receiving a forehand counter from Barrier. The fall did not count, well Barrier landed a blow to the head of Marquez when he was on the canvas and had a point deducted. So a round that must have been 10-8 for Barrier finished 10-9 for Marquez, who won with cards 116-111 (2 times) and a very open third (118-109), which did not reflect the parity of the fight.

The 10 fights between Mexicans for a super featherweight world title

  1. Julio César Chávez vs Mario Martínez (1984), vacant title
  2. Julio César Chávez * (G) vs Refugio Rojas (1986)
  3. Erik Morales (G) vs Jesús Chávez * (2004)
  4. Marco Antonio Barrera (G) vs Erik Morales * (2004)
  5. Juan Manuel Marquez (G) vs Marco Antonio Barrera * (2007)
  6. Juan Carlos Salgado * (G) vs Miguel Beltrán (2011)
  7. Juan Carlos Salgado * (G) vs Martin Honorio (2012)
  8. Fernando Vargas * vs Orlando Salido (2016), TIE
  9. Miguel Berchelt (G) vs Fernando Vargas * (2017)
  10. Miguel Berchelt * (G) vs Miguel Roman (2018)

* He was the champion

-Winner, in parentheses

Source: Sweet Science and Boxrec

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