Alfredo Caballero, the boar hunter and forger of world champions

Alfredo Caballero, el cazador de jabalíes y forjador de campeones mundiales

Alfredo Caballero is one of the fashionable coaches, as a mentor to two fighters who, together with Canelo, are the two greatest figures of current Mexican boxing: Miguel Berchelt Y Juan Francisco Estrada.

Indoctrination in a discipline begins at a very young age, even if it involves the organized chaos and aesthetic violence that boxing produces. For Jose Alfredo Caballero Rivera His initiation into sweet science dates back to when he was 5 years old when he watched Saturday performances with his late father, who bore the same name.

“There I started to watch boxing on TV with him, I think until I was 8 years old,” he said. Knight Rivera in interview for LEFT PUNCH.

At 39 years old, he has achieved success in a coaching career that has him in the corner of three world champions: Miguel Berchelt, Juan Francisco Estrada Y Yamileth Mercado.

Estrada, more popularly known as The rooster, was his first world monarch when he beat Brian Viloria on April 6, 2013 to become the first Mexican to obtain fly titles (WBA / WBO).

“To people who do not believe, I like to prove that they can do things,” he said. Alfredo Caballero, interviewed ten days before the most important fight in the career of his other champion, Berchelt, who prepares to defend his super featherweight title CMB before the sonorense Oscar Valdez February 20.

Knight Rivera It has its gym in the Los Jardines neighborhood, located north of Hermosillo, Sonora. In the last ten years it has built a tradition backed by the trajectory of its monarchs and its work in the community.

“From the age of 19 I said that I was going to have a world champion,” he recalls gentleman. “In my gym I have always liked working with children as well, before we went to schools to promote boxing, asking the teachers for permission.”

The Caballero’s Boxing Club It is the typical Mexican gym located in a popular neighborhood. There is a lot of dust outside, a ring with new strings, photos of Muhammad Ali stuck on the walls, local newspaper clippings and a huge desire to grow up in each of his young pupils.

The Covid-19 pandemic that devastates Mexico, and in particular Hermosillo, has caused modifications in its daily operation; You have to take care of the main preventive protocols, reduce the hours of operation, take care of the capacity and sometimes close.

It is no longer possible to go to schools to promote boxing between girls and boys. However, they are still looking for him in his gym, and he opens the doors although he confesses that he has less time.

Time and his schedule began to tighten, especially since he began his commitment to Berchelt during the spring of 2015.

The race of Miguel Berchelt, a prodigious strikeout from Mérida Yucatán, seemed to be going nowhere after stalling in 2014 in a surprise first-round knockout loss at lightweight to the Colombian. Luis Flores.

Berchelt made the decision to switch, due to competitive pressure and the advice of his promoters was left as super featherweight.

There, before the success and rise of his friend ‘The Rooster’ Estrada decided to change his residence. He moved to the other side of the country, heading to Hermosillo, since March of that year to train full time here with gentleman.

“I have been training for many years Miguel, they didn’t knock him out because he fought at lightweight, Miguel he jumped a lot back then, he didn’t lean well on his blows, “he explains. gentleman. “Here we help him modify his style, work on his defense, improve his power. Miguel he’s a complete fighter and people are going to see him against Oscar Valdez”.

Caballero crystallized his desire to have two world champions simultaneously on January 28, 2017. On that day, the Scorpion Berchelt cruelly crushed over eleven rounds of Francisco ‘Bandido’ Vargas in Indio, California to snatch the WBC title from him.

Previously the Scorpion had claimed the acting belt version OMB on March 12, 2016 before the unknown George Jupp. But gentleman you have never liked things of dubious legitimacy. That is why he became obsessed with making Berchelt a solid, absolute champion.

Miguel now he can fight in three distances, people will see him ”, he warns gentleman. “Yes, Oscar is faster, but he will feel the punch of MiguelEven if you cover up, you will feel the power in your arms ”.

On the possibility that his profile increases in the event of a victory against Valdez, Alfred He said that if it happens it will be because of the results and the quality of the work.

“Some fighters and promoters (from other countries) have spoken to me,” he said without elaborating further and without venting which boxers or promoters from the United States and the United Kingdom have tried to convince him.

This is Caballero outside the gym

Few know the other facets of Alfred. Lover of 4X4 ​​vehicles, their integration into the local Kaibiles Off Road club, hunting hunting, preparing wild boar meat. And more recently, his passion for quarter-mile cars.

“What can I tell you, look, I really like 4X4 cars, I also have a quarter-mile altered car,” he said. “That’s my hobby, I don’t collect anything, I like that kind of thing to also take away my stress.”

His vehicles, a red Jeep truck with his gym logo, and a Chevy 68, with a 302 V8 engine, are distinctive when they drive through the streets of Hermosillo.

“I did it on the street, it is a distress for me, it is a Chevy 68,” he reiterated excitedly.

For Alfred, adrenaline exists below the ring and outside the gym. He implies, by the passion in his responses, that he needs the experiences to generate it in doses different from what he experiences when he is in a fight.

“It’s what takes away a lot of stress for me because of everything I have at work, one day I take that car and another the 4X4, I go to the towns to ‘route’ and the next day I am here with my children and my family” , he spoke. “I still have a passion for having dogs.”

Being a world-class coach, running his gym, fulfilling his commitments as a parent, and inspiring the underage girls and boys who often contact him began to stress him out more and more.

So, Alfred has recently developed a passion for hunting game. It is an extremely popular activity in sustainable ranches authorized by Semarnat on the outskirts of Hermosillo and nearby towns in the Sierra Sonora.

It is another type of emotion, it is another activity that requires patience to find the prey.

“The truth is that deer hurt me, that’s why I’m more inclined to hunt the cochi wild boar, I really like to eat it,” he explains. gentleman about his taste for sport hunting. “I have had the opportunity to hunt white-tailed deer, but when I see a wild boar I do not hesitate to hunt it to eat it, I really like to do it in meat with red chili”.

Alfred attributes these activities outside of his gym to the access it gives him in the necessary spaces of coexistence with friends who share these hobbies. A coach has much of a psychologist, and gentleman intuits that these activities build strong relationships, give value to the meaning of friendships that make life more enjoyable.

“It’s what relaxes me, the truth is that I have good friends who take care of me very well,” he concluded. Knight Rivera.

And the truth is that you need it to continue making good world champions.


Name: Jose Alfredo Caballero Rivera

Age: 39 years

Lives: In Hermosillo, Sonora

Gym: Knight Boxing Club

World champions: Miguel Berchelt, Juan Estrada, Yamileth Mercado


  • From the age of 5 to the age of 8, he watched Saturday boxing performances with his father on TV.
  • He is a coach of the Sonoran Sports Commission
  • He trains and has trained fighters such as: David ‘Tornado’ Sánchez, Pedro ‘Roca’ Campa, Alan David Picaso Romero
  • He has a truncated career in the Sports Training Degree, from the former CESUES.
  • As a boxing coach, he has worked for the Sonora team at Codeson for more than 15 years.
  • He is 17 years old in his own gym located in the Los Jardines neighborhood.
  • In 2018 the World Boxing Council presented him with the annual Trainer’s Pride award.
  • At the age of 14 he began to train amateur boxing, he left this activity three years later.
  • At the age of 21, he started as coach of the Sonora team at Codeson.
  • At 23 he began training professional boxers.
  • At the age of 30 he had his first world champion in Macau, China with Juan Estrada defeating Brian Viloria.

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