Are they among the best? LFA expands internationally and grows in MMA

Are they among the best?  LFA expands internationally and grows in MMA

A few hours ago, the CEO of LFA, Ed soares, spoke with the press and explained the growth of the company MMA. Of course, the UFC leads a list of the best Mixed Martial Arts companies in the world, where Bellator follows in importance. But, for some years, the first mentioned has managed to position itself in a very good way. Now, they became international.

Thus, Soares He started by saying, “I think one of the most important things that we’re really focused on this year is expanding internationally. I think we’re going to do maybe two or four shows internationally, and we’re looking to expand to Brazil in 2021, and then even looking further, I’d love to expand and do international shows in Europe. It may not be until 2022, but in 2021 we have plans to bring LFA international to Brazil, so I’m very excited about that. “

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«Now we are more of a national promotion, and when we go to Brazil, we will be an international promotion. That’s what I’m focused on, just keep building the LFA better every time. That really came from being a manager and realizing that these guys were going to fight in a high school gym in front of 500 people. Then, two weeks later, they received the phone call to fight in the UFC, and they went to the Staples Center with 15,000 people, “he also said.

They want more prestige

At the same time, Ed also said: «Altamirano fought in LFA 1 as a fan, and here he is fighting as the main event in LFA 100, and that in itself is a great story. Being a part of these guys’ lives and helping them move to the next level, honestly, it gives me great satisfaction to see their success, and the way I see it is if I had to see a fighter, and they were going to be a wall of blocks. , and the LFA could be some of those building blocks that will help them build that wall of success.

“That is what we want to be, and not only are we going to be part of that wall, we ‘are like a fraternity. Once you fight for us, you will be with us. We will promote and help you. This is how we like to do it. I’m pretty sure that the next Anderson Silva, the next Conor McGregor, the next whoever is the big superstar, there’s a great chance that he’ll go through the motions. LFA“, Hill Ed soares.

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