Argentina lost the classic to Brazil in the debut of the She Believes Cup

Argentina lost the classic to Brazil in the debut of the She Believes Cup

In Orlando, Brazil thrashed Argentina in the first game of the She Believes Cup, one of the most important friendly tournaments in women’s football. Despite the defeat, the good news is that the national team he leads Carlos Borrello He returned to play a game after more than a year of inactivity.

Marta’s smile and thumb up as soon as she jumped onto the pitch were the best prediction of what would happen in the game: with a goal of his and his game as the protagonist, Brazil was superior and won 4-1.

Marta, captain and historical player of the Brazilian National Team, started as a starter in the duel against Albiceleste and took all eyes in the first half in which she was the absolute protagonist. The left wing was completely his. And there he did what he wanted: chest and pass, hat and pass, dribble and pass, hold the ball and receive one, two, three, four infractions. Delgado won the yellow after half an hour of play for a hard kick to the captain of Brazil. Every time Marta landed on the grass of Orlando City Stadium – a field she knows well because it is her home at the club level – Marta smiled. He was having a good time.

Marta opened the scoring for the match with a penalty goal in the 15th minute. After a Cometti infraction inside the area, the forward changed the foul for goal. And he smiled again.

Argentina’s first half was good in defense, but bad in attack. Three plays summarize those initial 45 minutes: a long pass from Yamila Rodríguez that Soledad Jaimes failed to connect inside the area; Yamila Rodríguez colliding with a teammate in an attack play; and Yamila Rodríguez trying an Olympic goal at the end of the first half because there was no other way to reach the rival goal. Yamila Rodríguez was the one who appeared the most, but she was always very far from the goal and very far from her companions.

Carlos Borrello’s eyes were barely visible between the cap that hid his forehead and the mask that covered him from the nose down. However, only in the eyes could you see the worried face. Before the end of the first half, he made two changes: Oviedo and Larroquette entered for Braun and Jaimes.

If someone got up to go to the bathroom at halftime and came back a little late at the start of the second, they were surprised – or not so surprised – that Brazil stretched the lead in just eight minutes: Debinha at 47 and Adriana at 54, quickly made it 3-0. That result was more just with the game that the Brazilian team was playing against Argentina.

At 15 minutes into the second half, Yamila Rodríguez had her revenge. He threw a cross from outside the area and this time his pass had the best resolution: a cross header from Mariana Larroquette that surprised the goalkeeper and ended up in the back of the net. Larroquette celebrated the goal with a shout that echoed through the empty stadium.

Near the end of the second half, when Argentina seemed to dare to attack, Brazil reappeared with its efficiency to stretch the lead: Cristiane assisted Geyse, who converted an unapproachable goal for the Argentine goalkeeper. The scoreboard went 4-1 for Brazil and ended 4-1 for Brazil.

Marta, the best player in the world six times, was the star of the match. At 34, not only does his smile, framed with a furious red lipstick, shine, but also his dribbles and his football, framed, this time, with the Brazilian shirt that he likes to wear so much.

Argentina’s next match in the She Believes Cup will be on Sunday February 21 from 8:00 p.m. against Canada. Then the Borrello team will have one more match against the host of the tournament: the United States, the last world champion.

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