Argentina’s paternity over Brazil in boxing

La paternidad de Argentina sobre Brasil en el boxeo

Diego Armando Maradona Y Pele, in classic football; Lionel Andres Messi Y Neymar, in today’s soccer; David nalbandian Y Guga Kuerten, in tennis; or Carlos Reutemann Y Nelson Piquet, in Formula 1. The figures, the teams and the people themselves mark the legendary sporting rivalry between Argentina and Brazil.

Soccer, handball, tennis, volleyball, motorsports and boxing? Yes, of course. Of course there are crosses on the ring between Argentines and Brazilians, with a clear white and blue paternity.

In boxing, Argentina has more than 40 world champions in its history, while Brazil only accumulated five. To cut the statistics, it is fair to base the numbers on the duels between the Rio de la Plata and the Amazon that had a world title in dispute.

1. Nicolino Locche against Joao Henrique, the first cross between Argentina and Brazil

Already consecrated as holder of the World Boxing Association, Nicolino Locche he prepared to make his first defense in his native country. It was the first edition of the classic between Argentina and Brazil in boxing.

Joao Henrique He was, at that time, a prospect in full swing who already had an undefeated 27 wins and a draw.

The appointment was dated for October 11, 1969, with place in the mythical Luna Park, where Locche he was master and lord throughout his career.

By unanimous decision and with total control of the fight, the Mendoza took victory at home. Henrique He had 3 other World Cup opportunities, which he also wasted.

2. Marcelo Domínguez, and his clash against José Arimatea da Silva

After obtaining the cruiser championship of the World Boxing Council, the historical Marcelo Dominguez he sought to defend with the best.

As in the story of Locche Y Henrique, the monarch was firm and the challenger promised. Dominguez he had 20 wins, a loss and a draw. Jose Arimatea da Silva, his opponent, made up his record of 21 wins and a setback.

This contest took place in Argentina, but not in Luna Park, but in Ciudad Jardín. It was the fourth test that the bull did on his scepter.

To date, it is difficult to find filmic records of the evening of December 6, 1996, but it is known that the triumph of the Fat It was given by technical knockout.

Some time later, the porteño lost his monarchy to the Cuban Juan Carlos Gomez, a gifted on a physical, technical and mental level, as well as an exemplary professional.

3. Acelino Freitas, author of the Brazilian alegrías

They say that 2-0 is the worst result football can have. Confidence turns into pride, mistakes are magnified and the difference generates a false sense of remoteness.

That may have happened to Argentine boxing, which was ahead of its Brazilian pair 2-0. The example of what happened to Jorge Rodrigo Barrios, when measured with Acelino Freitas.

Neighborhoods He was one of the great Argentine boxing champions in recent decades. TO Freitas many fans place him at the height of Eder Jofré, the greatest legend of Brazilian boxing.

The previous one announced an unforgettable brawl. The great moment of both and the titles at stake, put pepper to the lawsuit.

Powerful, the Hyena He maintained dominance from the opening bell, but his performance declined as the minutes passed. Blow by blow, the show amortized each one of the dollars paid by the spectators, who jumped in the seats of the Miami Arena.

You could see the strength of both in each exchange, and the senses that were left with each impact. The ghost of the knockout was hovering over the ring. By the eighth round, poop went down for the first time in his career.

Everything positioned the fan of Tiger, and more in that passage of the fight. For the eleventh round, came the second fall of Salvador de Bahía. When the closing bell for that portion rings, Freitas knocked down with a right crusader Neighborhoods, who stood stunned and reeling.

Against all odds, the last minute of rest did not help those who dominated the scores to recover and endure until the last buzzer. Who was then undefeated, came out to meet from the beginning of the twelfth lap and threw it once more.

Without understanding anything of what was happening, Neighborhoods stopped. He then slipped and the referee stopped the fight.

Years before, on September 23, 2000, Acelino Freitas defended his crown on a less remembered evening, against Carlos Rios. In that opportunity, Freitas was imposed on Rivers by technical knockout.

4. Hurricane Narváez decreed Argentine paternity

Omar narvaez He was a very successful world champion, who made several defenses of each scepter that he had in his possession.

In one of them, the rival was not entirely respectable. At least, what was seen in the ring was not worthy of a world title contender.

During the third round the end was declared. Narvaez destroyed Reginaldo martins, who closed his career with 20 wins, 19 losses and a draw.

5. Castaño against Teixeira, with Argentina 4-2 over Brazil

With an incessant fighting rhythm, Brian Castaño dethroned Patrick Teixeira and became the new super welterweight world champion OMB, with a loose unanimous decision in Indio, California. It is the most recent match between Brazil and Argentina in boxing.

Dominant from start to finish, the Argentine based his dominance on an overwhelming hitting rhythm. Brown he pressed the Brazilian monarch from the first to the twelfth rounds. Yes Teixeira He did not end up knocked out, it is because he managed to resist the best blows of the Argentine.

The native of Santa Catarina walked out to the ring, perched on a job on the jab and in the distance. With constant displacements, he mistakenly sought to dominate the ring. But The Boxi He was a bulldog, and he followed his opponent around every corner. He cut off the space, closed the exits, and was always on the Brazilian with constant blows.

Patrick Teixeira he ended up blown and it almost cost him a knockout in the final round. Brian Castaño he chased after him like the whole fight, and caught up with him. He punished him with two hands, and made Teixeira turned his back as if in renunciation of combat.

The final bell came. Brown won. The judges’ scorecards validated that loose victory with scores of 120-108, 119-109 and 117-111.

The BoxiWith a forceful and memorable performance, he was once again crowned super welterweight world champion. This time, reign in the World Boxing Organization.

And in boxing, Argentina beat Brazil again.

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