Can Curtis Blaydes warned that he wants to “clean the divide” to win the UFC title.

Can  Curtis Blaydes warned that he wants to "clean the divide" to win the UFC title.

The experienced fighter from UFC, Curtis blaydes, left a strong message for the other competitors. This assured that he wants «clean up the division»Of the Heavyweights, trying to get to the title fight with Stipe Miocic. Of course, his power is different from that of others, so he hopes to achieve it. That being the case, he was more than clear with what he wants, warning everyone else.

Starting with his sayings, Blaydes He said, ‘I just roll my eyes. I’m not old so I’m not in a rush so I’ll get there eventually. Honestly, it’s not even a guarantee that Jon (Jones) will take the fight because I heard he has his eyes on the winner of the Izzy (Israel Adesanya) vs. (Jan) Blachowicz fight as well. If you have your eyes on that, you are not fully involved in this Heavyweight matchup, so it is not a guarantee. “

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I’m not worried about that. If it happens, I guess we’ll cross that bridge when we get there. In the worst case, I have always repeated, if I have to clean the division, I will. I will do that. I have a family at home that I support, so the more active I am, the better for them. The ultimate goal is the belt, but we will achieve it. I think Stipe Miocic is the GOAT of the heavyweight division, “added the fighter.

Goes for everything

At the same time, Curtis He also dictated: “He has the most title defenses. He has the most back-to-back defenses and just all the guys he had to beat to get there. He had to beat Junior dos Santos. He had to beat Alistair Overeem. He had to beat DC (Daniel Cormier) twice. It has practically passed through the glove. I think the only difference, if anything, would not be Stipe’s because his game plan worked.

It would be Ngannou, maybe he would be a little more reserved this time, not so aggressive. I agree that Stipe would beat Jon, but it would be a great fight. Jon would definitely make Stipe earn it to overcome that long reach and also overcome the creative and fun ways that he keeps people away from him, the distance. It is interesting. Me against Stipe is also a great fight because I am still going to fight with him, “he concluded. Curtis blaydes.

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