Closer and closer: Marc Márquez and a statement that excites fans

Marc Márquez

The last days were a constant celebration for Marc Márquez. The Spanish had a new check-up at the Madrid hospital where he had surgery ten weeks ago. In it, the team Sling He confirmed that the recovery from the injury is well under way and that he will advance with the progressive work to get back on the slopes. On the other hand, This Wednesday he celebrated his 28th birthday.

Through social networks, Márquez received several congratulations from very important sports figures and his loved ones. However, a video published on Repsol’s social networks stood out, in which there are figures such as that of Rafael Nadal, Pau Gasol or Alberto counter. This was one of the most viralized by fans of the pilot of MotoGP.

Nadal, Pau Gasol and other stars dedicate an emotional birthday video to Marc Márquez

However, there is another greeting that was very special to the Spanish. Marc Márquez’s official fan club sent him a great painting. A ‘collage’ with more than 300 photos of fans of the multi-time MotoGP champion formed an image of him, celebrating a podium. Both Márquez and the fan club page made the moment of delivery public.


In this video, Márquez expressed his gratitude regarding the gift and the messages that reached him on the occasion of his 28th birthday. However, these statements did not go unnoticed. After a year without official competition, Márquez stressed that the 2021 season will be very different from the 2020, and that it will be full of ‘Smiles’.

«Today is my birthday, so I want to thank the Fan Club for this gift, and all those who have participated by sending their photos. I see that there are smiles in most of the photos, and now they make me smile. Thank you very much for all the support over the past year. This year there will surely be more smiles and good times. Starting at 28 this way, we will surely repeat this photo, ”Márquez exclaimed.

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