“If they don’t meet my terms, I’m going elsewhere,” Teófimo López warns Top Rank

Teófimo López ha dejado claro que si Top Rank no cumple con los términos que le prometieron, llevará sus servicios a otra promotora.

Teofimo Lopez has made it clear that Top rank You do not comply with the terms you were promised, you will take your services to another promoter.

“I’m looking ahead and moving into the future,” he revealed to Mark Kreigel of ESPN in an interview last Saturday. “If they don’t meet the terms then, like I said, I’ll take my talent elsewhere.”

Teofimo Lopez was questioned about a dispute with Top rank, by not reaching an agreement to defend the belt of the FIB against the australian George Kambosos.

Theophimus seeks to obtain a greater profit than the guaranteed 1.25 million offered by the promoter chaired by Bob arum, making it clear that if it is not with them and another promoter that pays better appears, they will carry out the fight.

Top rank, for its part, has said that it will not pay a figure greater than that amount, forcing the FIB to hold an auction where the fight is carried out with the highest bidder.

Four months ago, Theophimus beat Vasyl Lomachenko to keep the light belts of the AMB, FIB and OMB, increasing its guaranteed purse to a minimum of $ 1.25 million with Top rank.

However, with his refusal, other promoters like Eddie hearn or Al haymon could make a better offer and promote the match against Kambosos.

“They have the best fighter on stage.” He said Lopez. “They have a debt to me, and that’s what we do, we pay our debts. I am the favorite fighter. This says it all. They have to know and understand that, that I am right in saying that I am the best in the division.

Plan on staying at 135 pounds… ..for now

Theophimus has on the horizon to climb to 140 pounds, but prefers to wait for the result that brings a future fight for the unification of the super lightweight between Jose Ramirez (CMB and OMB) Y Josh taylor (AMB Y FIB). The fight between the two has not yet been agreed.

So much Ramirez What Taylor are promoted by Top Rank. Theophimus trust your next match to be on the chain ESPNBut he still believes that he deserves a greater reward, which leaves his immediate future in the air.

“I have earned it, they have not given me anything. I earned it and I deserve it, he said ”.

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