Lethal! Jake Paul’s trainer goes viral for saying what will happen to Ben Askren

Lethal!  Jake Paul's trainer goes viral for saying what will happen to Ben Askren

Knowing that Jake paul will cross against Ben askrenA retired UFC legend, anxiety grows with each passing second. In this way, the 23-year-old fighter and youtuber’s coach made it clear that he will end the martial artist in a very short time. Considering the crossovers of words that have occurred since everything began, there is no doubt that they will try to crush themselves in the ring.

In this way, BJ Flores, coach of the youngest of the brothers Paul, He said: “Ben askren he keeps talking about his Olympic credentials and his athletic ability. First of all, Jake is a hundred percent better athlete than Ben. It is faster, stronger and more explosive. Jake is a very natural fit and has been in the ring with some of the best 175-200 pound prospects in the country.

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“Jake has earned his stripes in Las Vegas over the past 12 months training many high-level professionals and the word has already spread in Florida. This kid can fight. The difference is day and night. Ben askren and the entire MMA world will be in for a big surprise on April 17th. I say nothing more. Looking at some of Ben Askren’s training footage, I will be surprised if this fight makes it to the second round, “he added.

Askren’s Warning

Days ago, the martial artist communicated the following: “I am not supposed to participate in live wrestling for a year after the surgery, which is on September 1. Boxing seems a bit easy. I’m sure I could do that. Like, no shots, no punches, no leg locks. I don’t know, that seems relatively safe to me. Most people say oh I don’t know why Ben askren it would be lowered to that level. ‘

“It’s like, listen, when I was in high school, one of the fun things to do was, a bunch of guys would come to the house, we would put on some boxing gloves and we would try to beat the shit. each other. We did that for free, we just did it for fun. And now you are telling me that you will pay me a lot of money to hit a YouTube star, “he said. Ben askren.

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