Óscar Valdez and how he was inspired by Steve Irwin, the “Crocodile Hunter”

Óscar Valdez y cómo se inspiró en Steve Irwin, el Cazador de Cocodrilos

The charm of Steve Irwin, the call “Crocodile Hunter” who had his program on the channel Animal Planet In the late 90s and early 2000s it marked a generation of young people, and among them, Oscar Valdez.

Irwin tragically passed away. He was stung by a stingray awl he interacted with in a recording in September 2006. The Australian’s death held a strange fascination among those who followed him. He had died doing what he was most passionate about, getting close to the wildest animals, so much that perhaps he got too close.

Oscar Valdez, From Nogales, Sonora, you are obsessed with crocodiles to the point that you already have your favorite name Steve, this in homage to the great Steve Irwin.

It was so much the impact that this character had, that Oscar has shown its predilection for reptiles for years, to the point of acquiring a three-hectare ranch near Hermosillo, to build a kind of animal sanctuary.

Valdez there are different types of turtles, peacocks, ostriches, an anaconda, parakeets, macaws, a viper, among many others, obviously Steve being the crocodile his favorite over all the others.

Óscar Valdez and the passion for his crocodile

The boxer likes his animals so much, especially his crocodile, that when he can he bathes it and goes into the pool to swim with him, despite the fact that the animal is already 10 years old and poses a danger to the athlete being so close.

In the same way, he likes to feed and play with the animal, although it seems that Oscar You are not so concerned about risking too much by living with your exotic pet. That risk is always latent: that the crocodile bites him in some part of his body and this disables him so he can continue boxing.

Now, the Sonoran fighter will seek to be the predator, despite the fact that he is not the favorite in the fight against his compatriot Miguel Berchelt, and he will try as his favorite pet to surprise his prey with speed and force to be crowned as champion of the CMB at 130 lbs.

Oscar Valdez He’s hungry for triumph, and he’s been waiting to bite into this new challenge since December, but Berchelt he was not ready since he caught Covid-19, so two months later we will see how sharp the teeth have to get crowned in Las Vegas.

Óscar Valdez and how he was inspired by Steve Irwin, the "Crocodile Hunter" 9

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