Berchelt vs. Valdez: The most promising fight between Mexicans since Morales vs. Barrera III?

Berchelt vs Valdez: ¿La más prometedora pelea entre mexicanos desde Morales vs Barrera III?

Miguel “Alacrán” Berchelt will expose his WBC super featherweight title for the seventh time against Oscar Valdez in the hotel bubble MGM Grand, in Las Vegas, Nevada in a fight between Mexican fighters. It is an ongoing collision. It’s time for the crash.

An atypical combat despite the high profile of the exponents of sweet science due to the protocols implemented to prevent the contagion of Covid-19 and that will be without an audience.

Despite the pandemic, this duel is considered one of the best concerted for 2021. In truth, there are not many arguments to express to explain it. It is about two Mexican champions, young in their prime. Both with proven willingness to face the greatest challenge of their careers and with boxing styles that can offer a good match in the ring.

31 years ago, when the fight was announced Julio Cesar Chavez against Meldrick taylor to unify the titles CMB Y FIB super lightweight in the same city, Jim Lampley (the iconic dean of the chain HBO) kept saying every time he got the chance.

“It’s the best little fight money can buy.” He was referring to the most profitable option below the heavyweight division, in those years dominated by Mike tyson and encouraged by contenders like Evander Holyfield Y James Douglas.

Berchelt vs. Valdez, is clearly one of the most engaging world championship fights possible in small divisions today. The dish on the menu is served at the table to be tasted.

However, in the early 1990s, both Valdez What Berchelt They were in diapers and they didn’t see that time.

Boxing has changed since then with four governing bodies having up to more than one ‘champion’ per division. And it has also changed in the sense of how business is done. It changed how platforms promote their fighters to a new demographic. That public that has turned away from television to watch and pay for content generated around boxing as a product.

Are two millennials fighting for a mostly casual and generationally contemporary audience.

The only thing they have in common Berchelt Y Valdez is that both changed their residence to live in Hermosillo, the northern capital city of the border state of Sonora with U.S.

The only thing they will have in common on the night of February 20 is the desire to snatch from the other what they have conquered with blood, pain and sweat.

A sensation

For Kevin Iole, veteran boxing journalist and senior columnist for Yahoo Sports, the fight between Mexicans of Berchelt vs Valdez it is extraordinary.

“The first thing I think is that this is going to be one of the fights of the year, this is going to be a sensational fight. Both boys are pure action, they move forward, they face each other in the center of the ring. We are going to see a high volume of hits ”.

“I like it Berchelt here i think Berchelt he’s the best fighter, the most powerful and clearly the physically greatest guy, ”he said recently.

According Iole, who has closely followed the careers of both, the Scorpion should stop the Nogalense (two-time Olympian) between the tenth and eleventh rounds.

A bold prediction taking into account the quality of the challenger and the improvement he has shown in his slow transition under the guidance of Eddy reynoso for the past two years.

Many punditos and gamblers see in Valdez an inherent fragility of his being since Scott quigg broke his jaw on March 10, 2018. It was his fourth title defense OMB featherweight, when I was still training him Manny robles.

Few remember that Quigg played with the chiaroscuro of the competition rules in California. They allowed him to go ahead with the lawsuit even though he scored three extra pounds at the weigh-in. In addition, he rehydrated at least 10 pounds on the night of the fight.

Valdez He faced a lightweight that night and paid the price in the early part of the fight against a bigger opponent, spitting blood clots and taking the punch with more power.

In the end, after imposing his highest quality of aggression and best hitting with power, Valdez it left the Briton’s face grotesquely deformed. He returned the favor by breaking the bridge of her nose, winning that fight by decision.

This episode reflects the harshness of Valdez and his ability to quickly adapt to injury and adversity in the ring.

It is not a comparison, but after Ken Norton broke the jaw of Muhammad Ali in 1973, The Greatest it was seen as a defective product after suffering defeat. The Muslim champion, however, won his next 14 fights in a row, almost all contesting the heavyweight title, until he was surprised by the recently deceased. Leon Spinks.

the same Quigg suffered a similar injury a couple of years before facing Valdez, when he lost a disputed split decision against Carl Frampton.

Valdez He is fragile, but remains undefeated in 28 fights, something that Berchelt can not brag.

Yes, the fighter originally from Nogales has looked vulnerable against petty rivals like Miguel Marriaga Y Genesis Servania, in featherweight; and as a super featherweight, he fell in the second round to an unclassified fighter, a last-minute rival, and gained a lower weight, such as Adam Lopez, before knocking him out hard in the seventh.

In his last appearance against Jason Velez he looked porous in defense at times. However, it is very resilient and has more resources now, thanks to Eddy Reynoso.

Every time it has visited the tarp it is lifted. In contrast, the only time Berchelt visited the mat, it was in January 2014 in his first and last fight at lightweight. It was against the unknown Colombian Luis Flowers. Berchelt failed to get up before the count of 10 applied by the referee Miguel Angel Canul in the first round. He lost in a surprising way.

Who is the most fragile? There is no absolute answer because they both have flaws and make mistakes.

Jawbone Valdez is not a weak point, and the vulnerability of Berchelt weighing over 130 pounds he is not in this fight between Mexicans.

Like Barrera and Morales III?

In May of last year, talking with the colleague Jose Luis Camarillo, editor of the sports section of the newspaper THIS, for an episode of Sweet Science podcast, the dean mentioned that next Saturday’s duel has some elements of quality and parity that in theory can evoke the last fight between Erik “Terrible” Morales (super featherweight champion CMB) Y Marco Antonio Barrera on November 27, 2004.

Barrier surprised Morales by narrow decision in their last meeting to close the final episode of their trilogy with a 2-1 record.

Before that, there was bad blood between the two from before their first fight on February 19, 2000.

It all started during a soccer match in which both participated in the Otomí Ceremonial Center in 1999. A sweep of Barrier very strong about Morales it aroused hostilities to the extent that insults and high-sounding words began.

They warmed up and that showed resentment for 36 rounds and three fights, he said. Camarillo.
However, this was the only time they faced each other at 130 pounds and it’s hard to compare beyond this.

It is pondered that it is actually the fight between Mexicans contesting a more attractive world title in this division since then.

Are there elements to think about in a trilogy? Not at the moment, we will know that until after the fight.

Nor is it accurate to compare them with Morales Y Barrier, their personalities and styles are very different.

The great merit of these two legendary boxers was to open the pay-per-view market to Mexican fighters from small weight divisions. In addition, they made the American public and networks like HBO Y Showtime saw them at the beginning of the 21st century, towards the end of the Age Chávez.

In a way, the fight of Berchelt Y Valdez they enjoy the openness that their Mexican predecessors achieved. Neither of them so far has proven to be as fierce and accurate as Morales, or as brave and effective as Barrier.

But they have everything to prove it on February 20, contesting the same title that has been in the power of Mayweather, Morales, Barrier, Marquez, Pacquiao Y Vargas. What a lineage.

Heralds drama in the ring.

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