Marcelo Rodríguez: “We plan to do without the National Clubs and the Interior Tournament in 2021”

Marcelo Rodríguez: "We plan to do without the National Clubs and the Interior Tournament in 2021"

The president of the UAR and first president of SANZAAR, Marcelo Rodriguez, spoke on the Milenium Sports program (FM 106.7) and stressed that said national competitions will not be played during this year but that “the regional club competition is expected to return in the middle of the year.”

“The Unions are making plans regarding what may be their start of competition according to what is in force in each jurisdiction. We have to respect the general regulations that govern each of the jurisdictions. The central focus is on the fact that in the middle of the year we can compete at the regional level because we understand that it raises the competitive level of the clubs a lot and also spills, because when the superior team (First) is going to play, they do not go alone, but accompany them the Intermediate and also youth ”, commented the San Juan leader.

In addition, the Rodriguez He added: “The regional competition involves a greater number of players than the national competition, so in 2021 we plan to do without the National Clubs and ofl Interior Tournament and put more focus on the regional. About the end of the year, closer to November, we aim to play the Argentinian Youth, Sevens women’s rugby tournaments and in some jurisdictions gradually start with the XV, but women’s regional, women’s national and, if God and circumstances accompany us, we will also reach the Seven of the Republic male and female, which is a historic event for Argentine rugby ”.

With respect to The Pumas and the plan Mario Ledesma Course to France 2023, the president of the UAR analyzed: “We were in the best of worlds with all the players competing here, in the same team that played a demanding tournament (for Jaguars at Super Rugby) and today we have them spread all over the world but fortunately in teams of very good level and in the most competitive professional leagues in the world. This gives us the opportunity that when they are reassembled The Pumas to face the July window, the Rugby Championship and the November window, come with a very good level. As this is a long term project and Mario Ledesma is aiming for the 2023 World Cup, the young people who will be competing mainly in the SLAR. The staff will monitor the players who are outside with permanent communication and following their evolution.

Source: Milenium Sports

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