Óscar Valdez thinks that he was appreciated as a “true warrior” when he fought with a broken jaw

Óscar Valdez piensa que lo apreciaron como verdadero guerrero al pelear con la mandíbula fracturada

Oscar Valdez He assured that fighting before Scott quigg With a broken jaw, he catapulted his image among Mexican boxing fans.

“That was something I always wanted, since I was a kid,” he said. Oscar Valdez to Mark Kreigel of ESPN the year after his fight against Quigg in 2018.

The Sonoran faced Quigg, despite the fact that the English was passed on the scale by 4 pounds of the feather division. Despite the recommendations to Valdez to cancel the fight, he ignored it and won a surprising victory.

Quigg broke the jaw of Oscar Valdez in the fifth inning, so his coach couldn’t remove the mouth guard for the rest of the match and his mouth filled with blood. Oscar He responded and in the following rounds his response was notorious, taking the fight by unanimous decision.

“Now everyone sees me as a warrior, a true champion and that sometimes is worth more than money,” said the former Olympic boxer.

“He hasn’t been through what I went through,” Valdez warns Berchelt

Oscar Valdez recognized that everyone sees as a true favorite Miguel “Alacrán” Berchelt.

“Everyone thinks he’s a monster,” he said. Valdez. “But I don’t see it that way. He hasn’t fought someone who knows how to box. It’s slower and I see a lot of opportunities. Twice I already fought with broken ribs, but I’ve never said it so as not to make excuses “

In addition to warning the Alacrán, Valdez assured that his past feeds him to jump like great favorite for combat.

“He (Berchelt) has not gone through what I went through. I don’t like to think about what will happen ”, he confessed. “They know that if I can fight with a broken jaw or a broken rib, they know I can go through all of that. I know that I will win because of the mentality I have. Losing is not an option”.

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