River Plate presented its six reinforcements

River Plate presented its six reinforcements

With Marcelo Gallardo and Rodolfo D’Onofrio leading an open-air press conference at the Monumental Stadium, River Plate presented its six reinforcements: Jonatan Maidana, Agustín Palavecino, Héctor David Martínez, Agustín Fontana, José Paradela and Alex Vigo .

The president of the institution of Núñez remarked that it was necessary to add new players to the squad and that is why they went to look for them. While he was proud of the works on the field of play and joked: “Now, if a pass goes wrong, it will not be our fault.”

On the other hand, he ruled out that he will continue within the club’s policy, when he completes his eight-year term at the end of the year.

To open the presentation, D’Onofrio wanted to especially welcome an old acquaintance of the club: “It is an honor to have Maidana in this group, I want to thank Marcelo, Enzo and a group of leaders. We were able to make it possible for this group of players to join in ”.

Marcelo Gallardo was satisfied with the reinforcements that the leadership got him, he wanted to put aside any controversy about his sayings about “being aligned” and he clarified: “We always have footballers who interest us on our radar and that is why after a significant effort in the last month, we agreed that we should give our team an injection of energy, the idea is that they adapt what as fast as possible. The intention is that they can strengthen themselves within a club that always demands ”.

El Muñeco gave the “official welcome” to the six players and pointed to Maidana as “a symbol” of management.

“What I have commented to each of them these days is that this is a process that has been going on for many years and that we continue to maintain with a strong competitive level. The arrival of new players will give us something. Each one of them will have the commitment, they will join a structure and a spirit. They will have no problem adapting and then the competition will come. The idea is to accompany them in this process, no one comes to replace anyone ”, explained the DT.

The coach replied about what River means to him: “I am at a time in my life where I have lived in this institution for several years. When I look back I see that most of my life is spent here. River means the commitment to be in a place where I know there is no other way to experience it than enjoying it to the fullest because the day we are not here we miss it “.

And after the introduction of the president and the coach, the reinforcements said their first words as millionaire players.

“I want to thank Rodolfo and Marcelo for trusting me. Regarding the return, I finished my contract in Mexico and I had the desire and desire to try to return to the club in which I was so happy and I trust what I can contribute and give. The main thing and what I rescue is that they gave me the chance to return. I owe it to myself to train and from the place where I have to always give 100 percent ”.

“I had the desire, the desire and the illusion to return to the Club where I was so happy. I trust in what I can give and contribute, I rescue that they gave me the possibility to return. I owe myself to training every day and hopefully this group can continue to maintain this high level ”.

“I come to join the great plate that there is, we will all try to do from the place that plays the best for the club. As always, low profile and to work. “

“The truth is that it is a great joy to be here, I have been dreaming about it. You can see that I did things well and I am very grateful to everyone ”.

“I was already coming with this project before going to Defense and Justice and I already knew how he trained here, I had to leave for a year and a half and it was something very similar to this. You can see the intensity here, the physical effort made in River is a little more than in Defense ”.

“We all know what Nacho Fernández is here at the institution, I hope for my part to get to do something of what he did. I’m very happy to be here and I try to enjoy it to the fullest ”.

“In recent times some told me that he had an air of Rafa Borré and for me it is a pride that I have a similar game to him, but each one of us here comes to contribute what we know for the good of the team”.

“Colombian football is a slower pace, in training I try to catch the rhythm here. I try to learn a little bit every day from the game creators here. I calmly await the moment when I have to play ”.

Of the six new faces, two have already entered the call for the game this Saturday against Rosario Central, for the League Cup. Regarding whether they have a chance to debut with River, Marcelo Gallardo replied: “Palavecino and Martínez are concentrated and are within the possibility group, I have not confirmed tomorrow’s team yet.”

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