Scorpion Berchelt and the traumatic knockout loss that changed his life

El Alacrán Berchelt y la traumática derrota por nocaut que le cambió la vida

Miguel “Alacrán” Berchelt, the best boxer ranked in super featherweight and champion of the CMB had a boxing revival seven years ago when he was brutally knocked out and had his first career loss to Luis Florez.

It was a March 15, 2014, in the Palenque of the Mesoamerican Fair of Chiapas. It took just one minute and 32 seconds for a withering left shot from the Colombian Luis Eduardo Florez It will end with the 22-fight undefeated of the then Mexican prospect.

The commenters of Aztec TV, who broadcast the evening, did not believe what they had seen in the fight. The ScorpionA 22-year-old prospect with great projection and a clear favorite, he had been easily beaten by a semi-unknown Colombian fighter. Florez He had a hitting record of 13 knockouts in 15 wins, but had never fought outside of Colombia.

“I still can’t digest it, the blow that the coffee grower gives him is impressive,” the commentators exclaimed on the broadcast. “What a dramatic way to fall from Berchelt, there in the repetition we see how the gaze goes to infinity ”.

The mistakes of that young man Miguel Berchelt they were obvious. He threw his left hand away three times in a row, without needing and without connecting. While Berchelt he threw his lefts, Florez He landed it with a right hook to the chin, and finished it off with a violent, dry left that also entered the jaw. Berchelt went to the canvas, lost. He got up surprised, hurt, hesitant. The referee gave him the protection count, and right there he chose to stop the fight.

After that traumatic moment for any prospect, career and life plan of Miguel Berchelt they literally changed course.

The Alacrán Berchelt and the memory of his only defeat

Years later, the ‘Scorpion’ Berchelt He recalled that night in 2014, where he assured that they gave him a lesson that he understood very well.

“It was a very sad night, the saddest of my career, there was my grandfather whom I invited to the fight. And that day God He gave me a lesson, since everyone has goals just like you, and after having won 22 fights I had to lose in 23, and I said yes Alí fell, same Tyson, Barrier, Morales, we must learn the lesson and improve defense, “he said in an interview with Zanfer promotions.

“I thought about restructuring myself, what did I do wrong, I reviewed the cassette (of the fight) many times and when I saw where the mistake was, I made the decision to go with Jose Alfredo CaballeroHe recalled.

Change of coach and residence

Miguel He knew he had to reinvent himself and put his career in the hands of the coach Alfredo Caballero. The mission to restructure his career, led to Berchelt from one end of the country to the other. From the Yucatan peninsula, where it originates from, the Scorpion came to the doors of a gym located in the neighborhood The gardens, in Hermosillo, Sonora.

Berchelt made the decision to turn his career around, moved to Sonora, and began training full time with gentleman.

“I have been training for many years Miguel, they didn’t knock him out because he fought at lightweight, Miguel he jumped a lot back then, he didn’t lean well on his blows, “he explained gentleman about what he detected in that defeat. “Here we help him change his style, work on his defense, improve his power.”

The rise of Berchelt, without looking back

And so, Miguel Berchelt corrected the course he lost in a traumatic instant in Palenque. A fraction of a second that would mark his career, first for the worse and then for the better.

From there, the Scorpion Berchelt rose like foam to become one of the greatest figures in Mexican boxing. There on a pedestal that only the Canelo Alvarez and his gym buddy, Juan Francisco “Gallo” Estrada.

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