The statistic that places the Alacrán Berchelt as an out of the ordinary, according to CompuBox

La estadística que coloca al Alacrán Berchelt como un fuera de serie, según CompuBox

Miguel “Alacrán” Berchelt, in the super featherweight division, he has turned out to be an out of the ordinary, according to figures from CompuBox analyzed during his last 13 fights in this weight class, spanning from 2014 to date.

In the field of data science and statistics, when a calculation is performed to determine the value of an indicator that belongs to ‘something’ that is being analyzed and it yields a value well above the average recorded in a population, it is calls it as ‘outlier’. A forced translation in Spanish would be ‘off the charts’.

The averages of shots thrown, hit and connected by the Scorpion Berchelt are clearly above the historical average that CompuBox He’s been weighing 130 pounds since 1985.

Inside the sweet science the Scorpion He is the clear leader in shots thrown, hit and connected in the super featherweight division.

The average at 130 pounds is 57.7 punches thrown per round, but Berchelt mark 81 for each episode. On average of hits hit per round, Compubox indicates that the mark is 17.4, but Berchelt connects almost double with 31.5.

Finally, the percentage of hits made per round in the division is 30.2%, but Berchelt it is almost 10 points up at 38.9%.

Compared to the Scorpion Berchelt, Oscar Valdez He lags behind in all categories as a super featherweight, where he only has two fights. Valdez throws 44.5 punches per round, only hits an average of 14.22 and connects 31.9%, almost two points above the historical average for the division.

According CompuBox, the best performance of Valdez, is registered in the featherweight division, where he analyzed 20 of his fights. At that weight, the Sonoran fighter averaged 61.5 punches thrown per round, 19.9 connected in each episode, with a hit percentage of 32.4%.

All of their marks are better at 126 pounds and tend to be very close to the average for this division.

“More, less”, the CompuBox number where Alacrán Berchelt shines

What’s the difference between landing punches and preventing your opponent from hitting them in terms of statistics? To answer this question, CompuBox has created the Plus / Minus Rating, which is obtained from the subtraction of the percentage of blows connected in total by two boxers.

Berchelt he is one of the top 10 active fighters in this statistical category.

The Plus / Minus Index shows that the Mexican is in ninth place with an indicator of +12.1. That figure is the result that we obtain if we take 38.9% of the blows that he hits on his rivals, and we subtract 26.8% of the blows that his opponents connect him throughout a fight. That is, the higher the More / Less Index, the better, because it hits a lot and they hit little.

Vasily Lomachenko, the former lightweight unified champion, is the current leader in this indicator at +16.95.

This is followed Dimitry Bivol (+15.4), David benavidez (+15), Nayoa inoue (+14.4) and Juan Francisco Estrada (+14)

They complete the list Terence crawford (+13.9), Saúl “Canelo” Álvarez (+13.7), Berchelt Y Anthony Joshua (+12)

In general it can be said, based on the figures captured by CompuBox, that these are the ten most effective boxers to hit and avoid getting hit.

Oscar Valdez, despite having 22 fights registered by CompuBox it does not appear on the official list. And it is that 20 of his bouts were at featherweight and in that division he barely had an index much lower than +10.

As a super featherweight in two fights he has a rating that is even higher than that of Berchelt, at +16.7 at this 130-pound weight; however, it is a very small sample to still be considered valid.

CompuBox Plus / Minus Index

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