Álex Márquez spoke about his brother’s return and raised more doubts: “It’s too soon”

Marc Márquez

The recovery process you are undertaking Marc Márquez It is advancing by leaps and bounds. At least that’s how the Honda team assured it in the latest update that it released in recent days. However, doubts continue to appear, taking into account that the preseason that will take place in Qatar is getting closer and closer. “It’s too soon«, I assure Alex Marquez about a possible return in the first dates.

No one, except the doctors and Marc himself, knows when he will get back on the Sling of the team Repsol. In recent days, the multi-champion of MotoGP He showed himself without the protections he wore on a day-to-day basis. These were to immobilize the injured shoulder at the Spanish Grand Prix, which was operated in December successfully.

Tremendous! Álex Márquez presented his new motorcycle for the 2021 season

The youngest of the Márquez spoke about the health of his brother Marc and made it clear that they are not clear when the official return to the competition will be. In addition, he left the fans calm, ensuring that he is in great spirits, despite not having decided on the date. This took place within the framework of the presentation of the motorcycle that he will use in the 2021 season.


Although many pilots assure that Márquez will be the candidate, Álex assures that it is not yet time to speak and make hasty visions. «You have to see where Marc returns and how. He will be the first to hunger for victories and podiums. It is early to speak. When rivals say it, it is a bit of this game to pass the pressure. Everyone has options, all 22. After a few races it will be defined, “he said.

Train without your brother

On the other hand, Álex Márquez assured that during the preseason he felt the absence of his brother in training for the new championship. «He is well, animated, every time he is feeling better. It was another winter without being able to train with him. Let’s hope that the next one is calmer and let’s prepare the season together. It is always difficult not to have Marc by your side, “said the Spaniard.

Source: LCR Honda official Twitter

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