Berchelt says he will try to gain as much weight as possible in rehydration for the fight with Valdez

Miguel Berchelt asegura que tratará de rehidratar lo más posible para la pelea con Valdez

Miguel “Alacrán” Berchelt ensures that he will seek to gain as much weight as possible in rehydration after weigh-in, facing the fight with Oscar Valdez for the super featherweight title of CMB at MGM Grand of The Vegas, Nevada, on Saturday 20.

The Scorpion, who had no problem dialing the right weight of 130 pounds, hit the mark by immediately getting off the scale and running to eat a very Mexican broth with lemon, onion, coriander, tortillas and its hot sauce. Max kellerman, of ESPNHe asked her about the rush to start eating as soon as she got off the scale.

“It is normal, sometimes it costs me to give the 130 pounds, but I have always given it”, said the Scorpion to Kellerman of ESPN. “I think all fighters have a hard time making weight, but I’m ready. I am focused on winning, and on recovering the maximum tonnage I can to put up a great fight ”.

Berchelt He accepted that he is a physically great fighter for the category, but that this is an advantage, despite the sacrifices he has to make, and that he seeks to compensate in rehydration.

“I see it as an advantage. It’s hard for me to get to 130 ”, he accepts Berchelt. “I am great for the division, but I recover very good tonnage and you can see it in the fight

“All Mexico is on fire with the fight”

The Scorpion assured that the combat before Valdez It will give more to talk about and it could be the beginning of a new great rivalry between Mexican boxers.

“When there are two Mexican warriors on top of a ring, everyone knows what is going to happen,” he confessed. “I promise not to be duty bound and show why I am the champion. I will successfully defend it (the super feather belt of the CMB) “

The Scorpion He also assured that he will seek a rematch against Valdez, after what Oscar repeat the Olympic cycle in 2008 and 2012.

“I was hoping that I would be given the opportunity in 2012, but it was not like that and Oscar he repeated, ”he commented. “I had to make my professional debut and now our paths meet again. I’m grateful that it’s a great rematch for me. “

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