Merciless: tremendous criticism of Marc Márquez: “I was disappointed”

Marc Márquez

Many members of the paddock of MotoGP admire and respect the figure of Marc Márquez. The Spaniard was one of the stars who was most missed on Grand Prix weekends. An injury at the Spanish Grand Prix caused the Champion to be absent throughout the 2020 season, and his presence in the championship that will begin in March is still in doubt. «Disappointed me«, Expressed in the last hours the Doctor Costa, an eminence in the category.

Doctor Costa is one of the most important doctors in the motor world. He was the creator of the ‘Mobile Clinic‘, which was carried out to treat the injuries of the drivers on the same circuit. Costa is highly respected by most of the riders in the category and by the MotoGP leaders. However, he was very upset by an attitude that Márquez had in the last hours.

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In his words, if Márquez had been treated by his team, not only would he have run again but he would have been the Champion. That is why Costa believes that Márquez’s attitude of not having called him to consult about his state of health is one of “little gratitude”, something that drew the attention of people who are regular in the paddock.

“After helping him win the title in 2013, I hoped he would have at least called me with the need. The plate was not working and if they had put a nail in his arm he could have run and won the title, it taught me that gratitude is not of this world. Márquez has disappointed me, ”Costa told the Italian media ‘La Gazzetta dello Sport’.

Actual state

The latest news on Marc Márquez’s state of health are very positive. The medical report that was given 10 weeks after the last operation says that: «Radiographic signs of bone consolidation are evolving. From now on, the patient can progressively advance in the process of functional recovery of the operated arm.

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