The reasons why Valentino Rossi is the greatest in history

Valentino Rossi.

Valentino rossi is facing what may be his last season. This is nothing new. His right hand, Alessio Salucci made it clear a few weeks ago. Should that be the case, Rossi will retire as a key figure in the popularity of global motorcycling. But why is Valentino the pilot biggest in history of MotoGP?.

The numbers are more than eloquent. Although he is not the one that won the most titles, his image marked a before and after. The arrival of the unruly, long-haired, blond Italian boy who upset the World Championship standards was a significant change. It took Rossi just one season to be the King of the minor division. His promotion to Moto2 was successful: 2nd and 1st place. In less than four years in the championship, he was already a MotoGP rider.

When is Valentino Rossi’s motorcycle presented?

Unlike his eternal rival, Marc Márquez, Rossi failed to win the title in his first season. He was runner-up of Kenny Roberts Jr., and the following year he got his first crown. From there, he set a series of records that place him in the Olympus of World Motorcycling. The first record is that he is the oldest rider on the grid, at 42 years old.


Valentino Rossi is the only rider who has established himself in all categories of the Motorcycle World Championship: 125Cc, 250Cc, 500Cc and MotoGP. He is third in the top three of most champions, with nine crowns, behind Giacomo Agostini (15) and Angel Nieto (13). It is also the one with the most victories in history, with 89 (Agostini 68 and Márquez 56).

It is the one that ran the most races in history, with 402 Grand Prix. On the other hand, it has 199 podiums in the highest category, far removed from Jorge Lorenzo with 114 and Dani Pedrosa he has 112. Marc Márquez has 95. Without a doubt, Márquez will leave an indelible mark when he retires, in the meantime, let’s enjoy the best rider in history: Valentino Rossi.

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