The signing of Erling Haaland, the new key in the agenda of the candidacies for the presidency of Barcelona

The signing of Erling Haaland, the new key in the agenda of the candidacies for the presidency of Barcelona

BARCELONA – Barcelona, ​​whose sports management in the days of Josep María Bartomeu ruled out the signing of Erling Haaland because they considered that he did not meet “the right profile” for the team, is thinking again about the Norwegian striker, an indisputable footballer in the plans, coincidental , of the three candidacies that appear to the elections of the Barcelona club.

If Joan Laporta opened fire, siblinically, in his appearance before the media on Thursday, being careful not to say the player’s name but warning that he has “the necessary cards” to try any transfer when he was asked directly about him, a day later On Friday, Víctor Font decided without dissimulation that Haaland “is a player that I like a lot”, warning that, anyway, “those decisions, when it touches, will be made by the sports side”.

Haaland, who was signed on December 29, 2019 by Borussia Dortmund for a total amount of 45 million euros (to the 22 that FC Salzburg received as a transfer, the commissions to be distributed between his representative Mino Raiola and the player’s father were added ), has a contract with the German club until June 2024 and a clause by which in 2022 he could leave for 75 million euros.

Contemplating his signing 16 months in the future should not be the absurdity that is understood in the short term … But in Barcelona the sporting emergencies, the need to incorporate a first-rate striker, rival the critical economic situation and against the indicated logic For Font, “we cannot do electoralism when we owe money that we do not have and people should not be deceived”, the feeling is installed that the new managers of the club will be in a position to put their hands in the squad with the hope to give a coup this summer.

“Barcelona surely now cannot afford the brutal expense that this signing requires, but being Barcelona, ​​you must be able to convince the players to come and win titles,” said Tito Blanco, technical secretary of Víctor Font’s candidacy. , while from Toni Freixa’s team it was explained to ESPN Digital that Haaland “meets absolutely all the requirements to play for Barça” recognizing that thinking about his signing, in the current conditions of the cub “is unfeasible” … But warning that before making any decision it will be necessary to study the situation of the staff.

This February 20 marks a year since the signing of Martin Braithwaite by Barcelona, ​​who paid for the Danish the 18 million euros established in his termination clause with Leganés. It closed weeks after agreeing to the arrival of Matheus Fernandes (on loan to Valladolid) for 7 million and paying another 31 million to Braga for Francisco Trincao, in addition to 700 thousand euros (plus another two million in variables) for Rey Manaj, who joined the affiliate team.

In total, the Barça club invested 58.7 million euros in the winter of 2020 shortly after the 45 spent by Borussia with Haaland, in operations considered “very erroneous” by a source close to the club and which sent a devastating message to ESPN Digital : “Whoever signed the report that said that Haaland did not meet the profile should answer why he signed Luis Suárez … Or is it that Suárez in 2014 did have the profile of the Barça game?”

“They are strategic errors that later creep into sports planning if you can’t remedy them in the short term … And now I don’t know if Barça can be in a position to think about them. To do so, they would have to make many changes to the squad. and greatly reduce the cost of salaries “, resolved the source consulted.

Raising the future of sports, whether immediate or in the medium term, moving away from the mistakes of the past, is the primary objective in which the teams of the three candidates for the Barcelona elections are working. From all of them the clear message is transmitted that aspiring to sign a player like Haaland, in the current circumstances, is a chimera …

But, equally, it agrees that a club like Barcelona must be in a position to aspire to everything. Impossible? Until I can stop being.

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