Very spicy! This was the impressive face to face between Curtis Blaydes and Derrick Lewis

Very spicy!  This was the impressive face to face between Curtis Blaydes and Derrick Lewis

The night of this Saturday, February 20, will have an epic night, with Curtis blaydes Y Derrick Lewis like stellar. The UFC Vegas 19 it brings action and good, so there are high expectations of what can happen in the octagon. There, the Heavyweight fight will be the most interesting of the night, although many others will surely give something to talk about. Anyway, the weather is already spicy.

The night before the events, the various rivalries come face to face on stage. Therefore, this Friday in Las Vegas, Blaydes Y Lewis They already looked into each other’s eyes and left signs of a hard battle. The face to face only confirmed what many had already been thinking: both will throw everything they have to crush the opposite. Without going any further, and with respect, the two left a tense moment.

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Taking into account what the bookmakers dictate, the numbers are in favor of Blaydes, hence Lewis will seek to change that. Beyond the above, both arrive more than equaled to this contest. Curtis was able to knock out his rivals in 77% of his wins, while Derrick it did so in 78%. A foot strike crossover is sure to take place, although both are also very good on the mat. What will happen? We have to wait to know it …

The last sayings of both

“He said I would be an easy fight for him. Easy money. What else did he say? That he never turned down a fight, but I think we challenged him four times in the last three years and he didn’t want to. We will see what happens and if at any time he agrees to measure himself against me. I hope so, although there is nothing safe with that, “he concluded Derrick Lewis, who, at times, does not think about the Heavyweight belt.

What’s more, Curtis blaydes He argued, “I’m just not going to do it. Unless you defend every takedown attempt, I’m not going to stop trying to fight you. You have to dissuade me, and I don’t think Derrick go dissuade me. Dana loves to sell a grudge match. Even when the story doesn’t add up or doesn’t make sense. I guess that’s why it is forgotten, for many men and women, this is simply a job.

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