Video: George Russell and extreme training to face the 2021 season of Formula 1

George Russell

The season 2021 of the highest category of world motorsport: the Formula 1. The drivers are preparing for a year that will be somewhat different from 2020. There will be more races, more trips and even one more test on some weekends. Many competitors are already training hard, such as George Russell who shared images on his social networks.

One of the hardest moments for the body of drivers in the motor world, and especially in Formula 1, is when they brake in a very tight corner or an accident at maximum speed. This causes various parts of your body to receive a harsh impact caused by famous G forces, which cause the pilot to fall forward in some deceleration.

Bernie Ecclestone, against the modifications implemented by Formula 1

This is why the area that Formula 1 drivers train the most and that stands out the most is the neck. Although currently the HANS avoids very serious injuries in that part of the body, to this day it is the most affected area and that most competitors tend to injure themselves. Many times the doctors of the category prevent the pilots from running with pain in the neck.

In fact, in 2009 Felipe Massa suffered a severe accident that could have been fatal. This left him out of several races and Michael Schumacher almost go up to Ferrari to replace it. However, the ‘Kaiser’ personal physician flatly denied him a return to competition due to a multi-year injury to his neck. Luca badoer replaced Massa. For his part, Schumacher ran again in 2010, against medical advice.


In the last hours, the pilot of the team WilliamsGeorge Russell shared an extreme neck workout on social media. In the images you can see how the Briton puts all the weight of his body in the area, demonstrating the endurance and strength of that part. Russell will seek to improve the results of the 2020 season, in which he obtained 3 points, aboard the Mercedes of Lewis Hamilton.

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