Álex Márquez got tired and confessed that he asked his brother to ‘leave him alone’

Álex Márquez

The relationship between Marc Márquez Y Alex Marquez it was throughout the 2020 season fundamental to the podiums that the least of them obtained. Marc could not be present throughout the year after his injury at the Spanish Grand Prix and there all the spotlights pointed at Alex. However, he got tired and according to his words, asked his brother to ‘leave him alone’.

Many pilots fail to settle in the first year in MotoGP. However, this is not the case for the Márquez brothers. Álex achieved two podiums in his first season in the top flight, while his brother was nothing more and nothing less than World Champion in 2013. The differences are brutal, but the talent of one and the other is well defined, both are great pilots.

Álex Márquez spoke about his brother’s return and raised more doubts: “It’s too soon”

Although Álex’s year was very good, the team Sling I wanted to have more experienced pilots on top of the RCV213 of Repsol. That is why he decided that Pol Espargaró take the place of Márquez and cover the back of the injured Marc, who has yet to return to the slopes. This Monday could be a key date, as it will be the presentation of the new bike and Marc will give a press conference.

Alex Marquez

The youngest of the brothers spoke to the ‘Motorsport.com’ medium and made a confession. According to her words, she got tired of the advice that Marc gave her from home and made a very particular request. “It is not easy and there came a point in the season in which I said: leave me alone, please, do not tell me more things because I need to process what you told me before,” he said.

Despite this, he added that Marc was very helpful. «Without a doubt he told me many things to improve. But in the end, I was a rookie on my way to learning, I’m alone on the way. You can have the best brother in the world by your side and he can teach you, but you are growing and you need to learn from your part and remember all the thousands of things he told me, “Alex recalled to finish.

Álex and Marc Márquez. Source: Repsol Honda

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