“It was shown that he can do more”, Eddy Reynoso flatters Óscar Valdez

Óscar Valdez y Eddy Reynoso

Eddy reynoso, coach of Oscar Valdez, assured that the Sonoran showed all his qualities in the victory against Miguel “Alacrán” Berchelt.

“He made Berchelt see the mistakes”, answered Reynoso to Bernardo Osuna from ESPN. “Oscar he had more capacity than he has shown lately, we have been working a lot on his abilities, counterattack, legs, feints and today it was shown that he can do more ”.

Valdez dominated the fight for 10 rounds and twice sent to the canvas Berchelt, so that in the tenth came a withering left hook that hit the entire face of the Scorpion, who went head-on and the referee concluded the fight.

“Yes, the left hook is very dangerous, has already knocked out quite a few, “he shared Eddy. “We got a lot out of him in training and he was the one who gave us victory.”

Oscar went out to do an intelligent match in which he counterattacked and made Miguel. The left hook was the lead that led the way to the knockout.

“Without a doubt we had a great fight. This is how we had planned the fight, ”he replied to FightHype. “Around the sixth round I got a little nervous that we could not hold the bellows of Berchelt, but we started to change the scheme, go left-handed, pigeonhole ourselves in the left-handed guard and things became easier for us ”.

The strategy

Eddy reynoso commented on the strategy they used to Oscar Valdez will win the super feather belt of the CMB and claimed that it went as planned.

Berchelt he is a frontal fighter who does not know how to take off the blows, “he argued Reynoso. “That made our work easier, we were stopping him with the left when we had him dangerously here, then we started walking him on the sides and counterattacking him.”

Finally, he praised Valdez for the discipline he had in training camp.

“Based on discipline, based on having an obedient boxer, believing in our work,” he said. “Get all the potential it has and I think we are showing it today.”

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