Koeman: “It can’t be that we have lost five points to Cádiz”

Koeman: "It can't be that we have lost five points to Cádiz"

BARCELONA – Ronald Koeman regretted Barcelona’s stumble against Cádiz and attributed it to the fact that his players did not know how to “score the second goal of tranquility, knowing that with such a tight result the rival may have a chance”, but in his reflection As much as he acknowledged his “disappointment,” there was not much room for self-criticism.

“To miss two points that could not be missed is very disappointing,” said the Dutch coach, who admitted that he was “very, very disappointed. Perhaps more than on Tuesday because we were running well in the championship, we could close the gap … We have not found many problems in the game and you have to win. We have not been able to sentence the victory. “

That was the main regret of Koeman, who denied that statistically the tie was final. “” I don’t think it’s unforgivable. It’s a big missed opportunity to close the gap and it shows that you have to be good to win. We controlled without problems and let two points escape, “he said, stating that” it cannot be that we have lost five points with Cádiz. “

“I do not like to blame individual players. We have dominated the game a lot, the rival has defended far back, we were not up to the task in attack but we had opportunities to score the second and know that with a short marker there may be a moment for the rival … You have to know how to defend differently “agreed the coach, who neither wanted to discuss the justice of the penalty that caused the final draw nor, either, load the ink on Lenglet.

“I have seen the penalty play, yes. I think it is very doubtful but it can be whistled,” he said, although pointing out in some way about the French central when explaining that “as the situation is and how the play is, I do not know if the defense should risk going for the ball at that moment, I think not … “.

“After the other day letting two points escape today is very negative. But being here, being a player or a coach, you must show that you can do something,” Koeman rebelled, rejecting, in any case, that the championship is sentenced.

“I do not see the league more complicated than before due to the difference in points. No team is unbeatable nor is it going to win all the games. There are still options and although we have missed two important points we have to continue,” he resolved.

Self-criticism for Barça’s pace and level of play? Nothing.

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