“Nothing better than proving that people were wrong”: Óscar Valdez after brutal knockout of Alacrán Berchelt

Nada mejor que probar que la gente estaba mal: Óscar Valdez tras brutal nocaut sobre el Alacrán Berchelt

Oscar Valdez claims that he shut up many mouths by delivering brutal knockout in the tenth round to Miguel “Alacrán” Berchelt for the super feather belt of the CMB and thanked all who did not believe in him for this contest.

“I said it before, there is nothing better than proving that people were wrong,” he commented at the end of the fight to ESPN. “I have a message for everyone, don’t tell you that you can’t do it, be disciplined, anything is possible, no one can tell you that you can’t. It proves they are wrong ”.

Valdez was the underdog by +325, while Berchelt he was the favorite to win by -400. However, during most of the combat, the Sonoran managed to control the Scorpion, sending him to the canvas in the fourth and ninth rounds. It was in the tenth when Oscar Valdez delivered a dramatic knockout to Scorpion Berchelt.

“It’s a lot of teamwork, staying focused, it wasn’t easy to coach during the pandemic,” he replied. Oscar. “Always train hard, do your best, be number one, there is nothing impossible. My team is part of that, my dad, my family, Eddy reynoso. I have a list of people I want to thank ”.

Though Valdez He only had two bouts at 130 pounds and there were many doubts about his ability in the super featherweight category, he commented that he wanted to take the fight against Berchelt At this point in his career he felt with the ability to win.

“I thought I could defeat him, I knew it was going to be difficult,” he said in retrospect of what went through his mind when he accepted the contest against Berchelt. “I do not want him to be big and regret not having faced him, thanks to all those who said that he could not because you were part of this, in training more.”

What’s next for Óscar Valdez

The new super featherweight champion CMB He commented that for this camp he spent a lot of time away from his family, but that in the future he wants to take the fights that people want to see.

“I don’t know, I trained very hard for this fight,” he argued. “I want to go back to my family, hug him, I wanted to take this belt home and I did it. I want to give the fights they want ”.

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