Oscar Valdez feat! Brutally knocked out Alacrán Berchelt in the 10th round

¡Hazaña de Óscar Valdez! Noqueó brutalmente al Alacrán Berchelt en el décimo round

In a dramatic and emotional fight, Oscar Valdez brutally knocked out Miguel Berchelt in the tenth round to be crowned super featherweight world champion CMB Saturday night in Las Vegas.

Valdez He fought the fight of his life, and on the most important night of his career, he achieved a resounding victory that will become, most likely, the most emblematic victory of his history.

The hours before going up to the ring, the report circulated that Berchelt was weighing 146.2 pounds, while Valdez it was at 140, after the respective rehydration. It was thus foreseen that Berchelt would rise much larger than Valdez so it was. The champion looked much bigger than Valdez.

But from the start Oscar Valdez He went out to make a fight of mobility, speed, counterattack, movement on the ring. He threw feints, he measured reactions.

Nevertheless, Miguel Berchelt he started the fight static, too cautious, tied up, frozen. It took him a while to start letting go of his hands, and when he did, it was with atypical slowness in a Berchelt that always got us used to explosiveness.

Valdez he worked the jab well and managed to connect even though he was throwing it from long distance, but he was right. Berchelt He couldn’t get that jab off.

From the third round, Berchelt the intensity of the fight began to increase, to throw more punches. Valdez He kept boxing, moving. Nevertheless, Berchelt chased Valdez, was going after him, instead of cutting off the ring.

In the fourth round, however, the nightmare of Berchelt. The left hand of Valdez began to wreak havoc on the champion. The left hooks went dry on Berchelt, and one of those hooks caught it. The injured Yucatecan immediately paralyzed his legs, which seemed hard, heavy, stumbling. Only the ropes could prevent Berchelt He went to the mat, and the referee gave him a count. The first knockdown of the fight had occurred.

Berchelt he was seriously touched. He sought to survive the ring, and Valdez punished him, while Berchelt he was knocked out on his feet, staring blankly, and his legs weak. He seemed on the verge of knockout. Nevertheless, Valdez couldn’t finish it, and Berchelt he left alive, but touched his corner at the end of the round.

In the fifth round, Berchelt He came out injured, with an erratic walk on the ring. He was still knocked out. But Valdez he did not rush, nor lose his cool. He set about measuring it, feeling it, letting go of his hands. And he did not seek to finish it. Slowly, Berchelt He regained lucidity and strength in his legs. He finished that fifth round throwing punches.

Berchelt he recovered from that fourth round trauma, and began to carry the fight at his side. And he did, because from the sixth round, Valdez he looked tired. His blows seemed to have lost power, he moved more by running than avoiding blows. And Berchelt was on him, though slow in his blows.

The seventh round, Valdez He was still in the same vein. He looked tired, and escaping as it were by legs of combat. Hugging. It seemed fused. BercheltHowever, although he was leading, he was unable to land forceful blows, since from the beginning of the fight he was completely devoid of explosiveness.

Berchelt he seemed to win rounds 6, 7 and 8. It seemed like he was getting back into a fight in which he was outmatched from the start.

But in round 9 he woke up again Oscar Valdez. The left hand began to wreak havoc again on Berchelt. All his left hands came dry, forceful on the champion who began to feel the blows again. He hurt him again, and Berchelt went to the canvas for the second fall of the night. Valdez he took over the fight again, and the knockout began to show up again.

It was in 10 when the dramatic outcome came. Berchelt severely inflamed the right eye, and that caused the left of Valdez enter with more violence. They were hands that Berchelt did not seem to see. The champion pounced on Valdez, erratic, throwing blows without hitting. Valdez He measured it and put in a violent left foot that entered dry, brutal, like thunder on the face of Berchelt.

The champion fell disconnected, knocked out cold. He lay limp on the canvas, and it took several dramatic seconds for him to regain consciousness.

Oscar Valdez the feat had been completed. He is the new super featherweight world champion. But even more important than the belt is the historical resonance of this victory. It is the most decisive victory in the career of Valdez, which raises his status several rungs in the boxing ladder. It was a triumph for Oscar Valdez which will be discussed in the future, in the decades to come.

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