“Valió v ** ga”: Alacrán Berchelt’s lament one round before the knockout

Valió v**ga: El lamento del Alacrán Berchelt un round antes del nocaut

At the end of the ninth round of the fight between Miguel “Alacrán” Berchelt Y Oscar Valdez, the Yucatecan boxer felt that the fight was getting out of hand, a round before the knockout squeeze came. Berchelt he had been knocked down for the second time in the fight.

“It was worth the dick,” said a Scorpion visibly touched his coach Alfredo Caballero.

“No, it was not worth the dick, it is that you do not shoot, champion,” he replied gentleman his fighter.

The scene was recorded on video, and is a testimony of the spirit that was lived in the corner, while Miguel Berchelt he was approaching defeat.

The referee even approaches the corner of Berchelt and he warns them that he can stop the fight because he is receiving excessive punishment.

Until that time, the winner on the cards was Valdez and who had dominated all combat with greater speed and intelligence.

Berchelt he could already see his cheekbones swollen. His eye was beginning to close, and he was having trouble walking and talking.

The ninth episode was in which Valdez began to dominate again after some uncertain rounds. Oscar connected practically every left hook he threw and sent Miguel to the canvas for the second time that night.

By the tenth, the Scorpion Berchelt he pounced on Oscar, who received him with a left hook that put the Yucatecan to sleep with a brutal knockout. It caused him to wake up minutes later.

The official knockout time was 2:59 minutes and thus Valdez became the new super featherweight champion for the WBC.

Berchelt, already recovered

Due to the damage it caused to Oscar Valdez during combat, Miguel “Alacrán” Berchelt He had to be taken to the hospital to carry out some tests, but all came out negative.

Already in the early morning on Sunday, February 21, Berchelt was discharged and moved along with his team and family to the hotel, where he is under observation, according to Salvador Rodríguez from ESPN.

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