Very controversial: Curtis Blaydes’ unexpected request to USADA for marijuana

Very controversial: Curtis Blaydes' unexpected request to USADA for marijuana

Before being heavily defeated by Derrick Lewis, Curtis blaydes was controversial about the marijuana. The prominent UFC fighter referred to the decisions that the USED with the fighters consuming it, so it clearly left something to talk about. His words did not go unnoticed, except when he was terribly knocked out by “the beast” this Saturday at UFC Vegas 19.

Starting with his sayings, Blaydes He said, ‘I thought it was about time. It’s no big deal and it’s never been a big deal. It’s just an archaic group of people at the top who didn’t understand that grass is not the problem. Weed won’t help you beat someone. In any case, it will hurt you, but it will not help you. When I get those calls weeks after a fight, marijuana fighters say, ‘Jeff, when should I stop to make sure I’m below the bar?’

The beast! Derrick Lewis shattered Curtis Blaydes with a viral knockout at UFC Vegas 19

“Some of those stories include: ‘I choose to use marijuana instead of opioids to control pain, instead of Xanax to control my anxiety, instead of Ambien to be able to sleep because I am so nervous before a fight. “It bothered me very much that the anti-doping rules really direct these fighters towards more dangerous drugs, the closer they get to the fights,” he also stressed.

A strong opinion

For its part, Curtis He acknowledged: “Because things like certain opioids, Xanax and Ambien are allowed at all times. They are not prohibited. I felt horrible passing that information to fighters who were saying ‘quit marijuana, but you’re good at taking Xanax, Ambien, and Vicodin before a fight.’ Not well. Wouldn’t you rather have your athletes make a natural way to help with aches and bruises in addition to all the pills? “

Pills are worse for your body, they are worse for athletes. You get a better product as a league or organization when you don’t focus your energy on something that isn’t a problem. All the major sports leagues in the world – the NHL, the NBA, the MLB, the NFL – removed it from their banned substance list because they realized that they preferred their athletes to smoke or use creams or drops and all that. instead of getting hooked on opioids, “he closed Curtis blaydes.

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