Who is it? Lewis Hamilton and high praise for a Manchester United striker: ‘It was inspiring’

Manchester United

Lewis Hamilton, seven times Champion of the Formula 1 and a historical legend of the sport, it is a word more than authorized when it comes to talking about inspiration. The Briton suffered racial harassment and bullying as a child, in addition to being a great activist for Human Rights. That is why Time magazine asked him to explain what it means for the sport of his country, the figure of the Manchester United, Marcus Rashford: “It has been inspiring”Lewis praised him.

Rashford is one of the most important forwards in the Premier League English. In addition, it is one of the banners of Manchester United, led by Ole Gunnr Solskjaer. The 23-year-old has 9 goals in the last 23 games and is a figure in British football. On the other hand, like Hamilton, he is a constant activist for the racial and egalitarian struggle of civil organizations.

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Rashford was the cover of the magazine Time, as part of the ‘100 Most Influential People of the Year’. In this section, various figures give their opinion on the work carried out by their colleagues. And in the last edition, Lewis Hamilton had to speak about what Rashford does in favor of the fight against hunger and equality. Hamilton did not avoid throwing several praises towards the forward.


“By standing up for the most vulnerable in our society and using his platform and influence to create positive change, Marcus inspired many others to join him in this mission and solidified his status as a role model,” the seven-time champion began. of the Formula 1 and current driver of the team Mercedes, to Time magazine.

In addition, he added that his work has an extra value, since it occurred in a very difficult year for everyone. “It showed us that we can work together towards a common goal. He was a driving force in uniting all the people of the UK in the effort to ensure that no child goes hungry. His determination, endurance and persistence have been truly inspiring. I can’t wait to see how this important work continues, ”said Hamilton.

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